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The Invergordon Archive

Hugh Dunn and Sons Plumbers
The Invergordon Archive
Hugh Dunn and Sons Plumbers

Date is a guess but probably 1938. Hugh Dunn ran a plumbing business at 75 Clyde St....
Left to right: Robert, Hugh, Thomas, in front of Hugh (have to look) is Hamish.
Hamish is the only one left and he still resides in Invergordon. Hugh also had daughters, but I can only remember Cathy and Lena..
Picture added on 09 September 2006
Lovely old pic Harry. We were all so well dressed in those days.... Hamish Dunn
was a great friend and ally to my dad. As he is still around I would be grateful if any Inverg local would pass on my best regards.
Added by Bill geddes on 10 September 2006
Harry, great photo of the Dunns. I remember them well as they lived just along the road from us in Clyde Street. I saw Hamish when I was home. We were talking about our grandchildren! How time flies!
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 12 September 2006
Hi Rosalie, I got an email from Alistair Mclellan - he tells me that Hamish is still working. I like your reference to Inver-g as being home. I still do...suppose we all do.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 12 September 2006
Sadly they are all gone now. Hamish just left us on October 6th.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 17 October 2011
Harry, that is really sad news. They were such a good well respected family. Hamish will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family.
Added by Rosalie Graham (Samaroo) on 17 October 2011
My father was born and raised in Invergordon but moved to Leith with his first wife in the 1960s (or thereabouts) I believe was named Donna, who had 3 children, Anne Marie, Patsy and Tommy. Not sure if he is the brother of Hamish and Robert. His name was Thomas Dunn but my mother Joyce Dunn has no recollection of his brother Robert. Anything anyone could shed light upon would be really appreciated as I am trying to trace my family heritage.
Added by Tracey Dunn on 30 January 2013
Hi Tracy, yes Thomas is in this picture and he is the brother of Hamish and Robert. Thomas was a favourite of mine, just a fine fellow and very talented with his hands. The last time I saw your Dad he was in Manchester along with Robert. Maybe you should contact me via email and I can put you onto the remaining member of the family. Regards
Added by Harry O'Neill on 30 January 2013
Hi Harry, firstly, thank so much for your speedy response. I am thrilled to have found that indeed it is my dad in the picture. I have without luck attempted to create an account in order to contact yourself. I would be very grateful if you could send me a link to my email account (sirandmaam@hotmail.co.uk) and I could then tell you the information I know about Thomas and possibily be directed to the last remaining member of the family. I am a twin and I am sure my brother will be thrilled at the prospect of learning more about where our dad came from and what he did with his years prior to his death as we were only young children when he sadly passed away. Kind regards Tracie
Added by Tracey Dunn on 31 January 2013
I'm Tracey Dunn’s twin Brother, by the name of Stephen Dunn. Thomas Dunn was my father from his second marriage to Joyce Lamb, mine and my sister’s mother. It’s great that we have been able to see pictures not only of our father Thomas (who sadly passed away when both myself and sister were just 5 years old ) but also to see extended family such as Hugh (our Grandfather) and also Hugh's father and mother, our Great Grandparents who I understand were your ( Harry O'Neill ) grandparents. I guess this makes myself and my sister second cousins to you Harry?
It’s a great shame that Hamish passed away recently, he attended my father’s funeral along with my father’s first son young Tommy from his first marriage (also now deceased). That would have been the last time Hamish would have seen both myself and my sister. Given our age at the time neither myself or Tracey would have any memory of Hamish himself, in fact my only knowledge regards Hamish was that he had red hair. The Manchester link would tie up with both myself and sister being born in Warrington at a time when my father worked at the Unilever factory as an industrial plumber.
Added by Stephen R Dunn on 01 February 2013
Hi Stephen, I am in touch with Tracie and will be furnishing her with info, so please check with her. I have mentioned above that your father was just a fine fellow, he truly was, and could do anything with his hands, very skilled.
Good luck to you.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 01 February 2013
Hi, Stephen and Tracey. I'm Harry's sister. Your grandfather (who we always referred to as "Uncle Hugh") and our grandfather (Farquhar, known as Fackie), were brothers. My late mother (Ryall) and your father were first cousins; so we are indeed your second cousins. Your father was a favourite of my grandparents. I recall one time when your father and his brother (Robert) had a falling out and your father showed up at my grandparent's home (where my mother, Harry, and I lived after my father died in Glasgow in 1947), with his dog (Rega), and asked to stay with his Auntie Annie (my grandmother). When your father and Robert eventually made up, your father returned to my Uncle Hugh's home, but Rega stayed with us for many years thereafter. Your father was a well loved member of our family - he was multi-talented and had a wonderful sense of humour.
Added by Margaret Weys (nee O'Neill) on 01 February 2013
Hi Tracey and Stephen, I am the youngest daughter of Hamish (who died on 6th October 2011). When your father moved to Leith I was very young but I remember going there on holiday when I would have been about 4 years old.
Added by Yvonne Fraser (nee Dunn) on 04 February 2013
Hi, to both Margaret and Yvonne. I have learnt so much over the last 7 days and cannot begin to thank Harry enough for the information he has shared with us. I have at length spoken to Robert's widow, Maude, and can say that some of the puzzle has been pieced together but I am sure that there is much more to discover about the ancestory of the Dunn family. Please feel free to share anything that you can tell me. Kind regards Tracie
Anonymous comment added on 04 February 2013
Hi, my name is Patsy Dunn. I am here with my sister Ann Dunn visiting Invergordon. We would love to hear from you regarding our father Tommy Dunn. Have tried to get in touch via Irvine and Jean unsuccessfully.
Added by Patricia Docherty on 24 November 2013
Hi Patsy, how are you? Keeping well I hope. Both myself and Stephen, my brother were in Invergordon in July this year and we visited Maud who was most welcoming. I have been told a little of yourselves and Tommy your brother who I believe has sadly passed away. It would be great to get in touch. Please feel free to email me and maybe exchange numbers or meet up? Tracie x
Added by Tracey Dunn on 24 November 2013
Hi Patsy, you are welcome to contact me if you wish. As noted above I am your dad's 2nd cousin and knew them all very well.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 24 November 2013
Hi Tracie, it's nice to hear from you, I am keeping well thank you and yourself? We have just arrived back to Edinburgh from Invergordon about an hour ago! I'm glad that contact has now been made, have always known of you and your brother and have thought of the two of you over the years. About five years ago I wrote a letter to your mother Joyce, having got her address off Irvine, but sadly there was no contact made back. I will email you with my number shortly, it would be great to meet up.
Added by Patsy Docherty on 24 November 2013
Hello Harry, as you can see from above comments we are not long back from visiting Invergordon, which we do 2-3 times a year! I don't know if myself and my older brother Tommy met you in Fife visiting Fackie with my father and mother Donna? We left Invergordon when I was a baby to go to Manchester and then eventually Leith.
Added by Patsy Docherty on 24 November 2013
Hi Patsy, it would be Manchester. Donna Thomas and Robert stayed with your Dad's cousin Elly there. I am happy you have made contact with Tracie and hopefully get together.
All the best.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 25 November 2013
How fantastic to find all these relations I did not know about. I knew Ryall moved to Canada with Harry and Margaret but couldn't find them, obviously I did not look hard. Any way I have just found this site with the help of my cousin Ian Fenwick.
My mother was the sister of Robert, Tommy and Hamish and Catherine. I remember them all but mostly my uncle Tommy. He was so much fun, especially when he had a few.
I emigrated to Canada 45 years ago, but going back for a visit this year. I would love to hear from any of you, and find out more of our illustrious family. I have two brothers Nicholas and Robin.
Added by Vivienne Jones on 09 May 2015
Vivienne, nice surprise. I have sent you an e-mail, hope you receive it.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 11 May 2015
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