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The Invergordon Archive

Invergordon Parade
The Invergordon Archive
Invergordon Parade

My niece found this photo among my late sister's papers. The photo was dated 1948. My brother, Tommy Clark, is the tall man with no hat, just under the left sided '94'.
Can anyone put a name to any others in the photo and does anyone know what they were marching for?
Tommy served in the Royal Navy in the 2nd World War and was a member of the Royal British Legion. Would the parade have anything to do with the Legion?
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Picture added on 22 July 2006
Hi Catherine..can only assume they are coming back in order from the War Memorial, so could be November 11. I remember the Legion being at the top of the High St, but maybe it was in a different location in 1948?
In any case, if you look you will see that they are all "in step": each has his right foot off the pavement, definitely veterans...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 09 September 2006
This could have been a church parade to the main church. If it had been a Remembrance parade they would have marched from the War Memorial to the Legion which was at the top end of the High St.
Added by Doug Will on 10 September 2006
Harry and Doug, they certainly look as if they are "in step" but are they spectators on the left of the picture or are the marchers coming up from Bank Street?
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 12 September 2006
Rosalie, this a bit up from Bank St...I can't remember the name of the street where onlookers are, maybe Doug you can?
We can only hope that someone who was in this parade can set us straight as to what the occasion was....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 12 September 2006
Rosalie, don't think so - they look as if they are walking along the pavement.
Added by Doug Will on 12 September 2006
Big rethink as to the street!! Still think it is the Molly Mackay, Hamish and Katherine's house on corner. Next to them was Bremner's Baker's shop. I think the street was, at that time, called Mackay Street and when Willie Munro had all the premises was it called Munro Street. Hope someone will put me right on this one.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 16 September 2006
Rosalie, my sister says that it was Mackay Street where Molly MacKay had her side window, but Munro Street was the street opposite the Admiralty Pier going up to Joss Street. I think Billy Geddes lived on that street at one time. He can probably put us right!
Added by Eileen MacLeod (nee Andrews) on 06 October 2006
Hi, I think the street you are thinking about is Munro Street. My grandfather worked/lived above Willie Munro’s (Bob Knox) and I remember Gilbert Ross having the shop there from the early 60s. As for this being just a parade, I do think it was a remembrance parade. I remember coming down the High Street after the remembrance parade and Mr. Dewing taking the salute and everyone going to church.
There again it could just have easily been a funeral as that is how it was done then.
I also remember being employed by Mr. Dewing as a car cleaner from summer of '76 till I enlisted in the army in Dec '76 - had a great send of from all the staff. It was also (if memory serves me right) the weekend the Bone Mill opened its doors.
Added by Kate Bell on 05 April 2008
Eileen is correct, the house (left of pic) with window in the gable is on Mackay Street. That house was demolished to build the showroom and offices for the garage owned by Wm. Munro (not to be confused with Willie o' Hell Munro)!
Added by Ron Stewart on 06 April 2008
Thinking back on the road, McKay street, wasn’t there a bake house to the right of the house (showing its gable end) opposite to the big gate into Gilbert Ross’s back yard and store rooms? This gate was used to deliver large items. The gate on the opposite side was only a small gate for entry only.
Added by Doug Will on 07 April 2008
Doug, you are correct on this one. It was Bremners Bakery and the shop was next to 102 High Street. Willie Bremmner used to stay at the top of the hill past the war memorial, at the corner looking onto the swimming pool. I seem to recall that Davie Moir worked in the bakery?
Added by Duncan Murray on 12 April 2008
On further inspection it looks as if the crowd is coming up Mackay Street and turning left along High Street. Could they have just come up from the old YMCA as it was just down there across Clyde Street? There was also another baker who took over the Bremners Bakery - am sure the name was Mackay. When they left Invergordon they moved up to the Aultnamain Inn on the Struie.
Added by Duncan Murray on 13 April 2008
Duncan, I agree with you. It does look as if they are coming up Mackay Street (I put Bank Street in my first comment as I forgot the name of the street). It seems a good explanation that they were at the YMCA. It would be nice to know for definite.
Added by Rosalie (Graham) Samaroo on 14 April 2008
Duncan, if you look closer one person appears to be leaning against the wall on the corner. I still think this is a church parade. But surely there must be somebody in Inverg who knows what this parade was for and maybe they were on the actual parade itself.
Added by Doug Will on 14 April 2008
Site admin.
Is there a larger version of this picture?

(Yes, Harry, if you click on the 'magnifying glass' symbol at the bottom right corner of the picture you'll get the 'large version' - Site Admin.)
Added by Harry O'Neill on 28 June 2009
Site Admin - thanks, that works. I am trying to identify some in the photo - some look familiar but can't name them, especially the gents in middle of 3rd and 4th row from the front.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 29 June 2009
Harry, the centre gent in the fourth row without a hat, I’m sure, is Kenny Urqhuart (piper Kenny) who worked in Munro’s Garage. Two rows behind the gent on the outside nearest camera stayed up at the cottages - not sure but name may have been Simpson? Further back opposite the tree on the outside wearing a flat cap - is that Alex Neig (?spelling)? - stayed beside Heck MacRae.
Anonymous comment added on 03 July 2009
Yes, I believe Anon is correct and I think the Simpson is Frank Simpson?
I was not too sure about Alec Neig but he kept popping into my mind. Yes, he lived between Hec Macrae and the Caley along with a man named Doig. There are several in this photo that I know facially but not their names. The larger version helps immensely.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 04 July 2009
Harry, I made the comments of 03/July credited to Anonymous..Sorry about my I.D not being shown but at least we both seem to be on the same trail here.
Added by Duncan Murray on 05 July 2009
I showed this to my uncle Iain Askew and we are both agreed that the couple at the top of the lane on the right of the picture between what was Etta's and Gilbert Ross are Cathie and Jim Askew which makes sense as they lived just down the lane in 65 Clyde Street. As the shutters are up on the shop was it a Wednesday afternoon or a Sunday?
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 26 October 2009
Liz , Harry and Duncan, Once you all gave names to the people mentioned I looked at it with my magnifying glass (oh yes!!) and I agree with you all, Jim and Cathie Askew being the ones most recognisable.
Added by Rosalie Samaroo (Graham) on 26 October 2009
I don't think it was Remembrance day - I don't see anyone with a poppy, does that help?
Added by Jeanette Bremner (Geddes) on 12 December 2009
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