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The Invergordon Archive

Douglas Will
The Invergordon Archive
Douglas Will

This is a photo of me taken in Aden around 1967-8. I left Invergordon in 1950 on National service but eventually signed on as a regular soldier - I was with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. When I left the Army I settled down just outside Plymouth.
I used to live on Outram Street before moving to 8 Shore Road. I used to pal around with David Bodell and a few whose names I forget. Don't know if anyone rememers me in InverG?
Picture added on 27 March 2006
Hi there Douglas - yes, remember you all. I used to live in Clyde Street, and your brother Gordon was in my class at school and we practically lived across gardens from each other.
Added by DANIEL MACDONALD on 29 March 2006
Hi Douglas, of course people will remember you and all the Will's boys. Didn't you live opposite Joey and Ackie Innes? Your brother Gordon was in my class at school.
Added by Rosalie Samaroo (Graham) on 29 March 2006
Hi Douglas, trying to count the stripes, what rank did you make? Speaking of Davey Bodell, he is in a home in Barbraville. I sent him a letter and mentioned this site to him, maybe he will be on here but I don't know his circumstances....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 29 March 2006
Hi Douglas ..sure do remember the Wills boys..you were older than me but I remember your brothers and was in the same class in school as Logan, you stayed in Shore Road when I knew you all..regards Duncan Murray
Added by Duncan Murray on 29 March 2006
Hi Rosalie, lived next door to Buntie Bell on Outram Street before moving to Shore Road, next block to Duguid (think that's how you spell it). Yes, they were on the ground floor opposite us.
Added by Douglas Will on 29 March 2006
Harry, when I left the army I was a Seargent - made the dizzy height of CSM for a while, but went back to Sgt when I returned to Battalion.
Added by Douglas Will on 29 March 2006
Hi Duncan, can't place you but with old age the names and faces slip from the memory. Nice to know that people still remember us as I left 1950 and only came home on occassional leave. Was up InverG a couple of years ago but only a flying visit - didn't get chance to see anyone I knew.
Added by Douglas Will on 29 March 2006
Duncan, it was Norman that you were in school with, not hard to be mistaken though as I think there was a Will boy in every class...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 30 March 2006
Hi Charles. Sorry, can't place you but in answer to your questions, Jimmy lives in Fife at a place called Leslie. Three of my brothers live out that way. Derek lives in NZ and, from what I can gather, he is not too well. Stewart (or as they call him in Auz - Don) lives in Australia.
Norman also lives there but where I don't know, as we have lost touch. If you want Jimmy's address, let me know, ok.
Cheers for now, Doug.
Added by Douglas Will on 09 May 2006
Hi, Daniel. Did you live in the house by Babs McLean? - or one of the newer houses. Have not heard from Norman for ages now. For a long time he was with a fishing fleet out in NZ but then moved to Auz and from then contact has been rather sketchy
Added by Douglas Will on 09 May 2006
Hi Douglas - I don't think you would remember me, I only lived in Invergordon a couple of years but I was at school with your brother Jimmy. We went to training school together (The Dolphin) and we were on a ship together around 1960/61. Could you tell me where Jimmy is now please? - plus I believe there are a couple of your brothers living out here in N Z?
Added by Charles Cook on 09 May 2006
Hi Douglas - Thank you for answering so quickly. Yes, I would like to have Jimmy's address - it would be nice to get in touch with him again after all these years. Cheers Charlie.
Added by Charles Cook on 11 May 2006
Charlie Cook, I've spoken to Jimmy and if you send me your E-Mail address I will send you his home address. He was fair chuffed that you still remember him. He retires at the end of the year. All the best
Doug Will
Added by Doug Will on 29 May 2006
Hi Bob Fair. Yep, you lived in the prefab where we used to call Yellow Lane before the prefabs were put there. It was a short cut from Outram St to Clyde Street.
Added by Doug Will on 31 May 2006
Hi Charlie Cook, how are you keeping? My word I got a surprise when I saw your name. I think the
last time I saw you was on Rangitane. Also hello to Doug Will - remember all your brothers well.
I lived in prefab, opposite "Buckie"Clark.
Added by Bob Fair on 31 May 2006
Hello Charlie. Surprised to see your name as well. I spent almost four years in the New Zealand Shipping Company as well. Remember we met once on one of the ships but can't remember which one. I left after I finished training and went to Houlder Brothers. Now working for Shell in the US.
Anonymous comment added on 02 June 2006
Hi Douglas, just found this site and the memories are flooding back. Do you remember the Walkers who lived on Shore Rd./Outram St.? Virginia, Aimee, James, Terry, Pat and Lucille (Smith)(me)? You'll be surprised to hear Mam (Aimee) has lived in the same house for 70 yrs.and is a lovely, bright lady in her 96th year!!! I remember running barefoot over the road, across the railway lines, clambering over the bulwark to go for a dip in the firth....The ferry slip (well named!!) was great for catching crabs..and the vennel at the back of Outram St. was a short-cut home when my dad, "chippie Smith" gave a whistle!! Re man who worked in Gilbert Ross's, Mam says he was Frank Graham who lived in Clyde St. and his family were very religious. My father was a boat builder based at RAF Alness where he was known to cycle back and forth every day, whatever the weather! Re 3 photos contributed by Park School of Shivas family that is my grandad along with mam and her brothers. Regards to all. Lucille Hudson (Smith)
Added by Lucille Hudson on 01 July 2006
Hello Lucille, Douglas will surely remember your family. I know I do, knew all of you. You were the youngest. I remember your father Smithie, he used to whistle for you to come home. When you speak to your mother, tell her that Ryall my mother died at 84 last year...I would be interested to know where the rest of your family is now, if I remember correctly James went into the airforce?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 03 July 2006
Hi Lucille, glad you found this site. I knew all of your family and I was in school with your sister Terry. Is my memory right! Did you sing with a band at the dances in Joss Street? I remember your Dad well too, as I used to see him when I often took a walk down the RAF pier (when a boyfriend just happened to be on duty!!!!!!)
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 04 July 2006
Re Frank Graham who worked in Tommy Ross`s shop, all the time I remember him, he lived in MacLaren`s temperance at the bottom of the High St.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 05 July 2006
Hi Lucille - Yes, you used to live on the corner. This site definitely brings back old memories as you say. Your Mum is doing very well. My Mum died in the early 70s. The rest of the family are scattered all over the world - Derek is in New Zealand, Stewart in Auz, Gordon and Logan are in Lincolnshire and Jimmy lives in Fife. Norman - where he is I don't know, but like the bad penny he will turn up some time. I have been retired almost 20 years now (must be getting old). Give my regards to all at home. Thinking about running across the road to the sea wall. I did that and one day I tripped and slid down the wall on my back; almost drowned as I was knocked out and ended up being taken to doctor as most of the skin from my back was left on the sea wall. Didn't put any of us off who did it. Didn't think a lot of people would remember me as I left in 1950, only coming home occassionally on leave before the family left for Fife.
Added by Doug Will on 05 July 2006
Hi Rosalie. No, I didn't sing with a band, but I did sing in Joss St Hall a few times. Mam recalls you visiting Joey and Acky Innes (your aunt and uncle?)...you used to sit at the front of our house (on the coalbox!!!!) either writing poetry or sketching, but she thinks it was sketching. Isn't it great recalling "the good old days"!!
Added by Lucille Hudson on 08 July 2006
Gordie, apparently Frank moved after his parents died, to lodge in The Temperance. He used to live at the junction of Clyde St/Bank St. Did you ever go on the bus trips every Sunday to Nigg beach? I remember clearly Brenda playing guitar and singing " Freight Train". I used to be terrified of the "haunted" house there but James thought this was hilarious!!
Added by Lucille Hudson on 08 July 2006
Hi Harry, yes, James was in the RAF stationed in Cyprus and Africa amongst others. He left in about 1964? and has settled down in Invergordon as has Virginia, Terry and I. Aimee lives in Edinburgh and Pat in Inverness. Dorrie (Daniels/Swanson) told me about your Mam sadly passing away. What relation is Dorrie to you Harry? The photo of Mrs Buckie Clark and Mrs Dunn (your granny?) was a classic!! I recognised them both (just!!!!)
Added by Lucille Hudson on 08 July 2006
Hi Douglas, great hearing from you and about all the family. I really only remember Jimmy and Logan and have a photo taken out at Rosskeen Road of the two of them, Terry, Pat and myself. We often wondered what happened to you all. Can you remember if Hamish Urquhart lived in a prefab behind Bobby Fair? I seem to remember 4 prefabs there and wondered if the other belonged to Margaret Mitchell? Mam talks also of Nellie Bligh??, a spinster who lived across the road from our house ....she always gave us young ones hell for playing ball against the gable wall!! Don't recall too much about the Ross's, next door to the Buckies either...I'm sure Don and Irene passed away, but I don't know about the others. I think there was a Julie, but I can't remember the others. I think I'm just that wee bit too young (says she who picks up her bus pass next year!!!!! ). Regards Lucille.
Added by Lucille Hudson on 08 July 2006
Hello, Lucille. Good to see your name on the site. I see Pat from time to time in Inverness. Does your mother still do crosswords and quizzes? The Ross family were Dodie, Chrissie, Julie, Ivy Don, and Kathleen. Harry will remember if I missed any. Kathleen died of MS in her twenties. I thought Don was still living in Alness but maybe not. Not sure about Julie but Dodie, Chrissie and Ivy are all gone. When my family first moved from Ullapool to Invergordon (before my time) your Mother lived nearby in Murray Road. Then the families became neighbours again in Outram Street! Give my regards to your mother.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie(nee Clark) on 09 July 2006
Good to hear from you Lucille. It was my sister Kay who used to go to Joey and Ackie's (no relation) and she was always writing poetry and sketching. She married a poet/actor and she has had some children's poetry published herself and she illustrates books. Fancy your Mam remembering all that; please give her my regards. I was friendly with your sister Terry.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 09 July 2006
Lucille, Dorrie married my cousin Roy Daniels who also passed away too young....Please pass on my regards to the rest of your family....I miss Inver-g
I too remember Nellie Blye, I too got hell for kicking a tennis ball off her gable wall, guess we all did that..good old days.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 10 July 2006
Sorry Lucille, can't remember the people who lived in the other prefab. Yes I remember kicking the ball against Nellie's house and getting chased - the wall round her garden was a good climbing game too. The Ross's next door to Buckies - they lost a son, he was fishing under the piles on the middle pier and fell in the water. He was, if I mind right, partially drowned and partially choked on a sweet he was eating and he swallowed it. Lots of names I see on the site but just can't place them. Seem like they are all the ones younger than me (which isn't hard to be). Notice a reference to Murray Road - where was that? The name Innes also rings a bell, did they live in the next block to us on Shore Road?
Added by Doug Will on 10 July 2006
Catherine, I believe you got all the Ross family down pat. I also thought that Don (Donty) was still alive. Sad that Kathleen had MS; this disease seems quite common to the area...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 11 July 2006
Hi Douglas, Murray Road is in the Cottages and Joey and Ackie Innes lived across from you in Shore Road. I went to school with your brother Gordon and we lived in Clyde Street. My Granny was Mrs. Mackenzie. We knew all of your family and I often used to see your Mam at the dances; you too when you came home on leave. Those were good old days. I live in Norwich and have been away from Inverg for about 45 years although I still go home to see my sister Janette.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 11 July 2006
Hi all, great to hear all your comments..Catherine, yes Mam is as bright as ever and putting us all to shame with her wit and knowledge in many crosswords and competitions. It was super seeing photos of your mam and dad..I remember them well as being very kind and welcoming. Always smiling is top of the list. Someone asked me regarding Shivas photos I mentioned...They are picture #188, picture #189, and picture #190. My grandad opened this agency in the early 1900s as my mam was born in 1911 and recalls living there. Later, they moved to Clyde St. where my grandad garaged the fleet's motorbikes, and rented out bicycles to later ships. My grandad married Aimee Celeste Duruz, a governess at Invergordon Castle, who taught the children piano and french as she was born in France of Swiss parents. At present, I am working for a company who's boss must be known by one or two, ....does anyone remember (excuse the spelling) Knaxies shop on Bank St. there were two sons, Sandy and Graham?? I won't say which one as I'm not ready for my P45 yet, but would love to hear of any memories of them. Regards to everyone.
Added by Lucille Hudson on 15 July 2006
Yep Lucille, I do. I was a messenger boy for a while for Mrs Mackenzie (Naxie). I have mentioned Sandy on another site in regards to his football skills. He was in school with my sister Margaret. I have made and recieved some comments from Graham; he was the youngest and was about 4 or 5 when I slaved on the old messenger bike. Mentioned to him that we used to fill tea tins with potatoes, with Mrs Mackenzie supervising.....what type of company do they run?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 July 2006
Thanks for the info on Murray Road Rosalie, I was puzzling my brain to think of where it was in Inver G. I suppose there a few new streets, roads, etc since I left. I think they had only just started building along Bulls Hill but again I can vaguely remember the road going along the back of the station towards the Hill. Yes I remember now about the Innes living across from us. I beat you with time away from the town - I left 1950 - coo 56 years ago - where's my zimmer frame!
Added by Doug Will on 16 July 2006
Hi Lucille, you've forgotten the oldest of the three Mackenzie brothers - Ian. Ian left Invergordon in 1964 and is now living in Inverurie - incidentally he married Jennifer Logan, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Logan who had the wee sweetie shop in the High St. That shop has had a fair bit of reminiscing on this site recently, mainly I think as it seemed to feed a generation of under age smokers !!!
I don't know about your spelling of Knaxies - nobody in the family can agree a spelling and we don't know the origin - if anyone out there can shed a light on it then I would be interested. My father was always know as Naxi (my spelling) and Bill Smith the Woodwork/Technical teacher who died recently always called me "Wee Naxi" even when I was in my mid fifties and definitely not so wee !
Added by Graham Mackenzie on 16 July 2006
Hi Harry, the company that Lucille refers to is (unfortunately) not a family company. Strange and unbelievable as it may sound for a business based in Invergordon - it is a cosmetics company that manufacters and fills nail polish. The company is called Kirker Europe and is owned nowadays by Kirker Enterprises based in Paterson New Jersey. They are one of the world's leading companies in the business and we make for many of the big names (e.g. Revlon, Avon, Boots etc.).
I actually work as the Operations Manager in the Invergordon plant where Lucille works - we regularly reminisce about the old Invergordon.
Both my brothers are retired - Sandy is 67 next month and Ian was 71 this week - it's funny I never thought of having brothers that age and despite being 56 myself still think of myself as the wee brother.
Added by Graham Mackenzie on 18 July 2006
Hi Douglas. I met John Ross (Tout) in Inverness this a.m. I was telling him about the site. He sends his regards to you and your brothers. He remembers you all very well. He has been living here for 5 years.
Harry, he also sends his regards to you and Margaret.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie(nee Clark) on 21 July 2006
Lucille, reading back through the letters I think we are talking about different Ross's. The one I meant were the people who lived in the same block as us on the other side - David, Minnie, ? and three other girls, could have been Margaret and blank blank. Just wondered if they were still around?
Added by Doug Will on 22 July 2006
Hi again Doug, the only other Ross's I recall are "Mammy Ross's" family but I thought they moved into YOUR house. (No doubt my boss will put me right...what a memory he has!!) Mammy Ross was a lovely, hard-working woman who worked in the Hennery, Academy Rd., for years. I was in school with Marion (who lives in Inverness), Billy, the youngest is in Alness, Eileen (just outside Invergordon), then there was Minnie, Isobel? and Elsie?. Sorry I can't enlighten you more Doug....Harry can probably shed more light. Love to all.
Added by Lucille Hudson on 22 July 2006
Jesie has been added by Virginia, Doug. By the way, do you remember Charlie Pandrop? (I lived next door to his daughter, Jessie up in Ardross ) or The Black Prince? He had 2 sisters on Clyde St. - Veronica and ?. Do you recall the swing park opposite the railway station? That is a housing estate now.....very sad. There is very little for the youngsters to do in Inverg. now. Love to all the family.
Added by Lucille Hudson on 23 July 2006
Hi Bob, yes it was on the Rangitane when we last saw each other. It's good to hear from you again. Keep in touch. Charlie Cook.
Added by Charles Cook on 23 July 2006
Douglas, do you mean the Ross that used to be the scaffy before Buckie?..if so they moved up the hill around Gordon Terrace....they did live on Shore Road by you earlier...

Lucille, The Black Prince was Michael Macpherson and his other sister was Ursula. also remember Charlie Pandrop, wonder how he got that nickname? ..I dont remember the black prince living on Clyde St, they lived at the bottom of King St....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 23 July 2006
O.k Doug, Lucille, Harry, Graham and all.. who are the Ross's in Outram Street where there was a daughter called Ivy? Also Harry, Veronica Macpherson lived with her aunt (can't remember her name) in Clyde Street. Ursula and Michael lived at the bottom of King Street. What memories all this information brings back. Fantastic site! Charlie Pandrop (Fraser) used to have a grocer's shop in Bank Street, down the road a bit and across the road from Naxie's. He always used to grab my nose between his fingers and squeeze and I always threatened to "blow"!!!!
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 24 July 2006
Rosalie, the Ross's on Outram St - number 4 to be exact - were the family of Geordie Ross. There was Dodie, Julie, Chrissie Ivy and Don (donty) and Kathleen. They lived next door to me and had the Buckies on the other side.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 24 July 2006
Lucille, yes I used to be a message boy with Charlie Fraser before leaving school and just after. I then moved to Tommy Ross's Ironmongers shop before going to the railway as porter signalman (Learning) and then I was called up.
Added by Doug Will on 24 July 2006
Rosalie, the Ross's I remember on Outram Street were the Touts who lived next door to us and the Ross family who lived next door to Buckie's. Who was the family that lived opposite the Bremners, across the lane from Angelos house. The son's name I think was Ian.
Added by Doug Will on 24 July 2006
Smack on, Rosalie, should have remembered as I used to pal about with Ian - remember his dad had a snake tattoo. Can you remember the family who lived in Angelo's house - they came from the Elgin area? I think that one of the girls married Hamish Mcleod.
Added by Doug Will on 28 July 2006
Doug, are you thinking of the Douglas family? The children were, Ian, Margaret, Norma and Doreen. They were related to the Bissett's (hotel). I've just remembered.......the father was Norman, and the mother was Sina . She was the daughter of Munro the Slater who lived next door to my granny (Mrs. Mackenzie) in Clyde Street.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 28 July 2006
Hi Rosalie, you have a tremendous memory of Invergordon families. Can you refresh my old memory on Hamish Macleod? I feel that I should know who he is but just can't place him. Also do you remember the Blake family?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 31 July 2006
Thank you for that Rosalie. Just thinking back to my Army Cadet days, our 5-a-side football team won the Battalion championship at Comrie way back in the late 40s. Team: myself in Goal, George Campbell, Ian Gillies, Ross ?? McLeod and Scriven - think his first name was Brian. Sent a photo of the team to the Inverg museum but never heard any more think. I should have sent it to this library. Still it may turn up yet. True, things were hard but we enjoyed life without the troubles going around today.
Added by Doug Will on 31 July 2006
Hi Doug, the family in the Angelo house were the Gillies family. I think the eldest was Ian, then Nettie who married Hamish Macleod then Margaret followed by Robert. Isn't this site marvellous? It brings back so many memories. As I said to Harry, we didn't have much, but looking back they were happy days.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 31 July 2006
Harry, William Blake is a resident in Castle Gardens Nursing home. My niece works there.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 02 August 2006
Hi Harry, thanks for the info on the Ross family. I remember them now. Hamish Macleod and his father were carpenters and Hamish's mother was the sewing teacher at the Academy. Not sure where they lived but it was up the Castle Road somewhere!!!!! Do you mean the Blake Family on Clyde Street? There was Willie, Alison who used to work in Nonie's and Mary. I knew the parents well but I just can't remember their names (old age!!!). Doug, Ross Macleod died when he was a young man. Brian Scriven has a sister called Brenda and they used to live up near the Proudfoots, at the top end of the High Street. Geordie Campbell is still going strong.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 02 August 2006
Macleod the joiners workshop was in Joss Street, behind Joey Macleod's at number 13. Hamish and his father both lived in Saltburn.
Added by Gordie Peterson on 03 August 2006
Rosalie, the Macleods had a carpenter's shop right next to the Joss street hall just up the lane. Was Joey Macleod not the mothers name? Always remember the seat she had in the front garden ...it was inscribed NATAL...seems it was recovered after the sinking ...it was always painted green...funny how things stick in your mind.
Added by Duncan Murray on 03 August 2006
Rosalie, thank you for that info. Sorry to hear about Ross Mcleod, he always seemed so fit. Glad to hear that George Campbell is going strong - if you see him give him my regards. Brian Scriven and Ian Gillies - are they still around?
Added by Doug Will on 03 August 2006
Duncan and Gordie, I remember now about the Macleod Carpenter's shop. Thanks for jogging my memory. Doug, I've also remembered that it's BILLY Gillies not Ian.!!!! I don't know anything about him or Brian....I'll have to ask my sister Janette. Also Doug, in previous bits the Aburrow family has often been mentioned but I don't suppose you know that Isobel Ann Aburrow died a few weeks ago. Also, Alison Blake died a few years ago and her sister Mary is I think still in Aberdeen. That info for you too Harry.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 07 August 2006
Thanks Rosalie, sorry to hear about the Blakes, remember Willie well. Speaking of the Aburrows (spelling) remember Teddy of course, there was also Charlie who manned the gate at the dockyard. Does anyone know where Alan Brown is? He lived on Ferry Row and was Davie Beaumont's nephew. His mother's name was Chrissie....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 08 August 2006
Thanks for the info on the Blakes and Aburrows, Rosalie.The names ring a bell but trying to put faces to them is getting harder. Sorry to hear that the Blakes have passed on - they used to live along Clyde St from the Askews didn't they?
Added by Doug Will on 09 August 2006
Yes, that's right Doug, they lived on Clyde Street along a bit from the Askews. You would remember Isobel Ann. She was very attractive and worked in Munro's Garage shop on the High Street. Her brother Donnie was in the Argylls.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 11 August 2006
Can anyone remember Cathie McDonald? She used to live in the house above the Caley pub.
Added by Doug Will on 31 October 2006
Hi Doug, Cathie still lives in Invergordon. I meet her quite often in Inverness with her sister Mairi who was married to Tom Macleod. Cathie was a friend of my sister Mary(Margaret) Clark.
Added by Catherine Mackenzie(nee Clark) on 01 November 2006
Yes Doug, I remember her and her mother. Cathy worked for years in the school canteen, and always rode her bicycle.
Anonymous comment added on 01 November 2006
Hello Doug, I remember my mother was a good friend of Cathy McDonald. Did she not eventually move up to a cottage on Clyde Street, just along from King Street?
Added by Eddie Trotter on 02 November 2006
Thanks for the info on Cathy McDonald. If you see her tell her I was asking after her. Yes, her and Margaret were good pals - can remember them together.
Added by Doug Will on 02 November 2006
Hi Catherine, I remember Mairi and Tom, remember their wedding and when they stayed above the Ship Inn. Tom drove a lorry and used to pick my grandfather and I up the odd time on the road back from Newmore....
Douglas do you remember the name of the man that lived in the house immediately next to the Ship Inn, across from the Melon's backyard?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 08 November 2006
Sorry Harry, can't remember the chap who lived there. Talking about the Ship Inn - can remember 5, yes 5, catalina seaplanes on the road just down the road from there. They had all sunk during a storm and were taken ashore to be cut up and taken away as scrap.
Added by Doug Will on 08 November 2006
Hi Harry, I think that the man in the house next to the Ship Inn was Hughie ?Maclean or Macleod.
Added by Catherine Mackenzie(nee Clark) on 10 November 2006
Doug, my sister Janette Ross (Graham) had a surprise visit the other day from Ian Douglas. He was up visiting his sister Doreen who lives in Tain. Ian lives in Billingham, Co. Durham, and so does his his sister Margaret. Sadly his sister Norma died a few years ago. You know all the family . They lived opposite the Angelo's.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 27 November 2006
Thanks Rosalie for that info on Ian Douglas - often wondered where he had gone. Sorry to hear about his sister.
Added by Doug Will on 28 November 2006
Gordie, I remember Frank Graham well. He lived permanently in the Salson Hotel (which I believe was McLarens at one time) when my family stayed there in 1959. He worked in Gilbert Ross the Ironmongers alongside my stepfather, Angus Mackenzie. Frank was a nice man - a very private and religious man.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 14 January 2007
Hi Catherine, just reading about Cathie McDonald. I had just been talking to my daughter about her today as we were going through old photos. I went to work in school canteen in 1958 for a year before I started nurses training. I have a pic of us at that time with Cathy, Mary, Daisy, Mona and myself. I will post it on the site if they accept it. It would be great if you could pass on my kind regards; perhaps she will remember me as being called Janith. I lived on Ord Farm at that time. Thanks.
Added by Jane nee Fraser on 27 February 2007
Hi Jane, I will pass on your message the next time that I see Cathie. Where did you do your nurse training? I started my training in RNI in Jan 1961.
Added by Catherine Mackenzie(nee Clark) on 28 February 2007
Hi Catherine, I did 2yrs aux. nursing in Dingwall and intended going into one of the services, but my dad died Sep 1960 so I stayed at home with Mum and did my SEN training at Invergordon County, married in '63 moved away '64.
Added by Jane nee Fraser on 13 March 2007
Hi Rosalie. Was Veronica Macpherson's aunt called Annie Macpherson who was married to somebody with the surname Jones? Annie's mother was a Ross. They lived at 165 High Street until at least 1951 when her mother died, but they did have Ross relations living at 35 Outram Street at one point. If you (or anyone else) can add anything to this as to what happened to this family, I would be grateful to hear from you.
kind regards, Lorna.
Added by Lorna on 16 March 2007
Hi Lorna, Veronica's Aunt was indeed a Mrs Jones. In those days we only knew folk as "Mr. or Mrs" so I didn't know her first name. She was a fine looking woman - tall and slim. Veronica used to teach us bairns Highland dancing. I'm sure that someone will be able to give you more information.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 19 March 2007
Harry, don't know if you remember my brother Derek who emigrated to Australia and the New Zealand? Well he passed away just over a week ago - he had been ill for some time with cancer.
Added by Doug Will on 24 July 2007
Hi Doug, sorry to hear about Derek. Although he was a wee bit older than me I do remember him and I am very sorry for your loss.
Added by Rosalie Samaroo (Graham) on 25 July 2007
Hi Doug, sorry to hear about Derek. I remember him - he was 2nd eldest wasnt he?
No word on Norman yet?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 25 July 2007
Thank you Rosalie and Harry for condolences. Yes, Derek was second eldest; he had been sick for some time. Still no word on Norman - be like the bad penny and turn up.
Added by Doug Will on 26 July 2007
Hi Doug, yes the Blakes lived along the road from 65 Clyde Street where my grandparents Jim and Cathie Askew lived with my uncle Iain. Gran had the YMCA and Mrs Blake and a few other ladies in the street used to bake and help in the kitchen when the fleet where in. I remember the big dance hall and grand piano that I used to try to play and standing with my dad Hamish as he took the ticket money at a dance. Great days.
Added by Liz Askew on 29 March 2008
Ref James Walker: I met him at RAF Eastleigh in Kenya whilst I was over on detachment, about 1963, from Aden. I was there for 8 months then I returned to RAF Steamer Point. I would probably have rubbed shoulders with Doug Will. Small world isn't it.
Added by Ian Macphail on 02 April 2008
I remember the dances in the YMCA with McLellan on the piano with his group alongside him. He used to live on the High St on the opposite side to Bissets Hotel. The dance hall is one of the places we used to do our boxing training along with the Drill Hall.
Added by Doug Will on 03 April 2008
Yes Doug, so do I. That would be Jimmy Maclennan that played the piano; he also played the church organ. There used to be a lot of boxing competitions held at the YMCA.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 04 April 2008
Can anyone remember the name of the family that lived on King St, between Jock the barbers and the shop - Butchers/Fishshop? The son used to play football (goalie) and was nicknamed Ditchburn.
Added by Doug Will on 06 April 2008
Hi Doug. Yes, the family was Ross (Walter Ross) Ditchburn (the youngest), Harold, John, James (Ditchburn) and Irene. Harold is deceased, John lives on the High Street and was married to Marie Mitchell (hairdresser) who is also deceased. James lives in Seaforth Crescent and Irene lives in Yorkshire. My Grandfather was Jock the Barber.
Added by John Mitchell on 06 April 2008
Ditchburn, son of Ross The Trapper.
Added by Ron Stewart on 06 April 2008
James Ross, aka Ditchburn, still lives in the town.
Added by Kmmc55 on 06 April 2008
Doug, the name was Ross. I think you mean James Ross, see picture #804.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 07 April 2008
Dougie, I don't suppose you will remember me but my grandparents were Rachael and Donnie Sutherland. We lived at 136 High Street next to the British Legion and then on Shore Rd near where your parents lived - my aunties were Sybil and Nora.
I "met" you in either late '59 or early '60 when you were a Sgt at the HBTU in Aberdeen and I was a Boy Drummer in the Camerons. I think I went to school with one of your brothers! I also remember Isobel, Helen and Jimmy Ross. I think Helen joined the WRAF but not sure what happened to the others. Was in Invergordon earlier this year - just passing through. As a side note I finished my time in the QOHLDRS in '84 as a SSgt Drum Major and now live in Eastleigh Hants.
Joe (Sutherland) MacDonald.
Added by Joe MacDonald on 24 April 2008
Joe, have just sent off a note asking if you were with the Juniors Soldiers. After my spell with the boys unit, I returned to the Argylls and did three tours in Borneo during the confrontation with Indonesia. If I can mind right, wasn’t Helen the youngest of the Ross’s? I went back to Inverg a few years ago to find that the seafront was now a grass field, but other than that not much had changed in the town. Only met or should say passed one person that I knew and that was Alistair McGregor. He hadn’t changed from the time I had left the town but saw nobody else that I knew. I had been up visiting my Aunt Rosa who lived in Tain. Sadly she died just after that.
Was looking through some of the pictures from Fort George but most of them were damaged when we were in Singapore - the damp ruined them.
I now live in Devon, just outside Plymouth. Nice to hear from one of my ex trainees. Cheers for now. Doug Will.
Added by Doug Will on 24 April 2008
Doug, thanks for your reply. Yes I was a boy soldier at that time and was in the QOHLDRS when the Argylls took over in '64.
Added by Joe MacDonald on 25 April 2008
Does anyone remember the Darling family - they lived in the house at the junction of Outram Street and Bank Street. I think there were 4 in the family: 2 boys Dai and George, and 2 sisters - can’t remember their names. George was in the Argylls when I was with the Battalion, but strange to say I never met him.
Added by Doug Will on 24 September 2008
Hi Doug, I think Dai Darling lived in Salvesen Crescent in Alness. Was Mrs Galloway from Joss Street a Darling, and was there a connection between the Darlings and Brownhills?
Added by Liz Adam nee Askew on 25 September 2008
Doug, I remember the Darlings. Dai died 1-2 years ago but don't know about the rest.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 25 September 2008
Mrs Galloway lived Shore Road, with 3 daughters Annie Wilma and Norah. Annie was Mrs Brownhill. There was a big age gap between Norah and her sisters, Annie’s eldest was around the same age as us. I believe one was called Gordon.
Added by Jane nee Fraser on 27 September 2008
My Dad's cousin Nessie Murray I think was married to George Darling. They had two daughters that I remember, one was killed in the 1970s walking home after a night out with some friends. Nessie latterly lived in Dingwall. I don't know if that will help jog any memories? I also apologise as my paternal family history is very vague!!
Added by Jillian on 29 September 2008
I remember the Darlings well. They lived in Joss street when I knew them. George did marry Nessie Murray (no relation) and they lived in Dingwall. Dia did live in Salvesen Crescent, Alness, but I can’t confirm there were 2 sisters. I know that Annie Varnham is a sister of George and Dia.
Added by Duncan Murray on 04 October 2008
Yes Jillian, I had forgotten the tragedy. Alan Bennett and Julie(?) Sinclair were also killed, mown down by a drunk driver when they were walking home from Tain - very sad.
Added by Liz Adam nee Askew on 07 October 2008
Harry, I thought I would let you know that Logan died a couple of weeks ago; he had been very ill for some time. Jimmy and Gordon and I went to the funeral in Barrow in Furness.
Added by Doug Will on 14 May 2010
Hi Douglas, yes Gordon had mentioned it to me in an email. Sorry to hear that, Douglas, I remember him well as a wee lad, the youngest member of the Will family.

Added by Harry O'Neill on 15 May 2010
Doug, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I was in Gordon's class at school so I know that Logan was probably your youngest brother. I have just come back from spending a few days with my sister and her family in Invergordon. As we were driving past Shore Road, we looked over to your house and mentioned all of you. Again, I am so sorry about your loss.
Added by Rosalie (Graham) Samaroo on 15 May 2010
Thank you Harry and Rosalie for condolences, he will be missed.
Added by Doug Will on 15 May 2010
So sorry to hear of Logan's passing, Doug. I have a photo somewhere, out at Rosskeen Road, of Terry, Pat and I with Logan and Jimmy - happy days, so happy memories eh?
Added by Lucille on 16 June 2010
Thinking of all the family and pass on my thoughts to you all. Logan was my age and I've many happy memories of our times down by the shore. Mam is still going strong in her 100th year!! Her mind is so alert, but her poor body's getting frail. Please pass on my condolences to all the family. Hope you and family are well. Keep the memories coming!!!
Added by Lucille on 16 June 2010
Thank you for condolences Lucille, Mum's doing very well - pass her my congratulations.
Cheers, Doug.
Added by Doug Will on 17 June 2010
Great to see Don's (Stewart) brother and my brother-in-law on this site. Looking good Dougie! Had a lovely visit to Invergordon in 1988/89, Don caught up with old friends, he loved it. We must get back again some time. Bit disappointed that there does not seem to be any photos of Don on the site. Can anyone enlighten me how I can find some photos of Don. Regards all, Janette Will
Added by Jan Will on 03 November 2010
Doug, this just goes to show how well thought of all the Will family are. I think this is the longest comments section on the site!!!. All the best to you and your family.
Added by Rosalie (Graham) Samaroo on 03 November 2010
Hi Dougie, thanks for putting the photo of Don on this site, he laughed when he saw it. He was only about 24 in that photo, he's changed a lot! Christine Will (Derek's daughter) has pinched it and put it on Facebook for all the family in NZ, OZ and the UK to see.
Added by Jan Will on 07 November 2010
Nice one Jan, he can’t hide any longer now. Got other snaps somewhere, will put them on when I find them. Can you put the dates for the photo to cut out the guesswork? Got one of you, Don and the children somewhere - it was a Xmas card I think. All the best for now. Doug.
Added by Doug Will on 07 November 2010
Hi Dougie, looking forward to seeing the photos. I will try and date them for you. Have you, or anyone else reading this, any school photos of Don? I can't find any on the Invergordon Academy records.
Added by Jan Will on 09 November 2010
Jan - See picture #894 and picture #895 posted by Sheena Beedham (Mackenzie).

Added by Margaret Weys (nee O'Neill) on 09 November 2010
Hi Margaret, many thanks for directing me to those two photos that included Don (Stewart). Don was so pleased to see all the old school colleagues. Unfortunately I cannot coax him to master the computer, he would rather just let me do it! Don said to say hello to you, he definitely remembers you from school. Incidentally, George Darling was Don's best friend, he often wonders what became of him.
Once again Margaret, thank you for going to the trouble to direct me to the photos. Kind regards, Jan
Added by Jan Will on 13 November 2010
l am still alive, just been improving the Will gene in Australia. Loved seeing all the photos, explaining who was who to my Mrs Kerry, love to u all norman
Added by Norm Will on 24 May 2011
Hi Noddy, just seen your entry, long time no see. Was looking thro' some of the old photos taken at Prinlaws. One of you and Stewart with mother at back door of house. Will try and get it enlarged and put on site but not very hopeful as it is only 2 inches square and might not blow up. Hope everything is ok with you. Cheers Doug
Added by Doug Will on 26 May 2011
Hi Noddy, good to see you on the Invergordon site. Looking forward to you and Kerry staying over on your way to Qld. Be great to meet Kerry after all this time. I think I have some photos taken at Prinlaws as well. If I can find them I'll put them on the site. Could be scary looking back that far! Love, Jan
Added by Jan Will on 05 June 2011
Being curious what happened to all the football rugby pitches that comprised the recreation grounds
Added by Doug Will on 18 January 2013
Doug they are still there and in use quite regularly by the school teams lot of change since old Groundie was there but still looks basically like the Old Rec
Added by Duncan Murray on 19 January 2013
Cheers Duncan thought that they might have been covered with houses especially the grounds down the back of the old Rec buildings
Added by Doug Will on 19 January 2013
picture #504 on this site although ten years old still gives an accurate view, when you look at the enlarged version, of the recreation grounds today.
Added by Ronald A Stewart on 19 January 2013
My god! This is some thread! I have had a look through it but cannot find any explanation for the "Black Prince" nickname. Anyone know?
Added by Bill Geddes on 07 September 2013
Hi everyone, thought I would wish the staff of this site and all contributors a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.
Added by Doug Will on 24 December 2014
Hi Everybody, just like to wish the Staff of this great site also all contributors A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Staff and viewers. Stay safe.
Added by Doug Will on 22 December 2016
I used to think that by living in West Sussex I was the furthest flung (in the UK) of Invergordon exes. But you beat me by quite a few miles Doug. You must be well in your '80s now so Southern climes have been good to us! Merry Christmas.
Added by Bill Geddes on 23 December 2016
Ditto Doug and Billy, wondered where you two had got to.
All the best in 2017.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 23 December 2016
Yes Bill cant get much further south. I live about 17 miles outside Plymouth on the edge of Dartmoor. I came down here in the army did two tours of Borneo back to Plymouth, and then went to Aden and left the army and joined the prison service up on Dartmoor.
Added by Doug Will on 23 December 2016
Hi y'all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Houston Texas. Invergordon I think has exported people to all over the world.
Eddie Trotter ex 32 High Street.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 23 December 2016
Hi Eddie! having visited the town back in August I think "fled" might be a better description than "exported"! The contrast between the bustling and well cared for Alness & the semi-wrecked Invergordon is astonishing. For starters there is a need to restore the High Street to its original wide boulavard and get rid of all the street furniture & tinkering which has ruined its majesty!
Added by Bill Geddes on 24 December 2016
I quite agree with you Bill, the layout detracts from what was the widest street in the Highlands and puts people off stopping. The Shore area was quaint and should never have been demolished but upgraded and preserved. The town and port have made a lot of money for companies but none of that money has been ploughed back into the town.
Added by Liz Taylor on 24 December 2016
Has anyone a recent picture of the High Street? I've used google maps to drive around the town but wondered if this is up to date.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 24 December 2016
Hi Eddie, I have just googled Invergordon High Street and taken a satellite view of it and it is up to date.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 25 December 2016
Thanks for your comments Liz. After I posted I thought maybe I should not be criticising my birthplace--but your agreement with my comments makes me feel better. I guess no-one wants to see too much change in their home town but I accept that some has to be accepted. Sadly much of the best of the town has been destroyed or neglected and some parts that DID need to be improved are still there! Additionally the Firth is nowadays littered with unwanted and rusting drill platforms. The town has been used by 3 main elements (The Navy, Industry (aluminium) and Oil related companies) none of which have given the place much "payback" in terms of environmental or aesthetic improvements. Today it’s the cruise industry...Invergordon is probably the only port in the whole Highlands which has the facility to berth several huge cruise ships. What do they pay for this facility and where does the money go? As for those aboard, they get onto coaches and are whizzed off to Dornoch, Inverness, Fort William or wherever. Those who choose to "explore" the town can be seen forlornly traipsing the High Street looking for something of interest. Clearly in Alness there is a community leadership of some kind, which has done a tremendous job in revitalising the village. I can only assume that such leadership is absent from Invergordon. My Dad, when he was a Councillor did all he could to promote the town and improve its facilities. I wonder what he would say if he saw it now!
Added by Bill Geddes on 26 December 2016
Bill/Liz, I was in Invergordon last Saturday paying my annual visit to lay wreaths on family graves at Logie Easter cemetery. I totally agree with comments made in respect of the lack of local investment from the trio of industries, which have been in the town and of course with demise of the Naval Dockyard, the Smelter and Highland Fabricators there was a significant gap in the economy. From what I could see there is now none of the banks with a branch in Invergordon and the Post Office is housed in a Spar, which also has a Subway takeaway at the rear of the store. The quality of retail shops on the High Street has taken a dramatic downturn from those I remember in my young days. As mentioned in a previous post the loss of the fantastic wide High Street has had a very negative impact on the town. Like others I do not like to knock Invergordon as I am very proud to say to anybody who comments on my North accent where I come from. Yes Alness Civic Pride have done a great job around their town and indeed they have been passing-on how they have achieved their success, on to other communities, including the one in Ellon where I have lived for the past 22 years. All that being said there are still some nice buildings in and around Invergordon, it's in a fantastic location on the edge of the Cromarty Firth and there are still a lot of very influential people around, who could stimulate a Civic Pride movement in the town. Invergordon has a fantastic history, which I do not think can be equalled by many other small Scottish towns. How can this be used to it's advantage?
Added by John Fraser on 26 December 2016
All valid points. Location matters too. The fact that the A-9 by-passes the town does not help, Alness has the upper hand there.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 26 December 2016
I last visited Invergordon over ten years ago and was ashamed to show my friends and family the town that I had grown up in. To put it bluntly the place was an absolute disgrace, the shore front where I had described to people that I used to enjoy playing especially round the old RAF pier was just a scrap heap. Where has all the pride in the town gone? Sorry but that’s how I feel. I know I left the town in 1950 but I spent many years in the armed forces and when I retired I settled in sunny Devon due to family commitments and as my family had moved elsewhere there was nothing left to return to. Sad to say but I am glad now that I never returned. Think I’ve said enough for now. Wake up Invergordon before it’s too late.
Added by Doug Will on 27 December 2016
I would like to wish all the great staff and contributors a very happy Christmas and a great New Year bless you all.
Added by Doug Will on 16 December 2017
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