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The Invergordon Archive

Aerial view of Invergordon looking North
The Invergordon Archive
Aerial view of Invergordon looking North

A superb view of the central part of the town including what remains of the old dockyard. The large target sheds are still standing and the old YMCA, latterly known as 'The Grange', can be seen. It was later destroyed by fire.
This one of a series of four aerial views of the town. Click on the 'larger version' to see the full detail.
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Picture added on 07 April 2005
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Aerial Views of the Town taken in April 1978
Douglas, it was always there...looks more prominent in this shot as the sheds are gone...this pier had railway tracks on it. See picture 320 for comparison.....I can remember the triangular shaped area you mention but don't remember the logs, it was a fenced area. I know this because as kids we would crawl under the fence....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 30 May 2006
When did they put a kink in the pier on the left (middle pier). It used to go straight down and turn left and along to the pontoon. There was also a concrete jetty going from it in the direction of the dockyard pier. Can anyone remember the area (triangular shaped) at top right of pier being piled high with wooden planks and logs? This was before the war and presumably the timber was for the Inchindown tunnels?
Added by Doug Will on 30 May 2006
Harry, was there not a small siding at the end of the stone pier to allow the steam cranes to pass each other before going on to the wooden piled part and onwards towards the pontoon end? I seem to recall twin rails on a smallish section ...but it is a long time ago..I could be mistaken. The concrete jetty was almost in line with the one on the admiralty pier about a line of the 3 bouys in the picture I'd say.
Added by Duncan Murray on 31 May 2006
You are correct Duncan, if you take a look at picture #320 you can see a steam crane sitting on the siding with more rail on its right....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 01 June 2006
Sorry Harry, in 1950 the middle pier was straight until it got near the end then right angled towards the dockyard pier.That part was wooden piles and had railway tracks on it.
Added by Doug Will on 01 June 2006
Doug, Harry is correct about picture #320, it is also dated 1919. I could not remember the pier without the piled part - not in my growing up years. Nowadays, however, it is gone apart from the original stonework - used mainly as the local Lifeboat berth today. The whole west harbour is so different from byegone days......
Added by Duncan Murray on 02 June 2006
That's the Invergordon I remember. I used to stay with my Granny in flats in Joss Street and go up the back way to go and see my Great Gran & Pa who lived at 173 High Street. My mum, Jennifer Mackay, lived in Gordon Terrace when younger, with sisters Gloria, Anne & Lorna - anyone know them?
Added by Lorraine Groves on 24 June 2006
picture #320 shows the pier in 1919. The railway tracks ran down the west side of the stone jetty then turned towards the east and ran along the piled section of the pier. In order to gain space for the turn in the track, the seaward end of the stone jetty was widened by piling a tapered area on the west facing side of the pier; this caused the apparent "kink" when seen from above. The piling was removed towards the end of last century, and the berthing face on the west side was straight once again. This berth is now used for the RNLI lifeboat and pilot boat.
Added by Ron Stewart on 25 June 2006
Sorry, but the middle pier, during my time up to 1950, did not have a kink in it. I can remember one of the cargo ships which had been in a convoy in the North sea being taken to the middle pier and all the cargo unloaded into railway trucks. Some was parked in the siding leading into the dockyard but most of the stuff was taken up to the dump, where we had a field day digging throught it for the tins and believe it or not the lifebouy soap (this was used to obtain stuff for the family by being bartered). The only tins we could not use were the 7lb tins of corned beef as they were all blown by the heat in the holds caused by the action of the salt water and dried peas. Opening the tins was like a lucky dip as all the labels on the tins had been washed off.
Added by Doug Will on 25 June 2006
Hi Lorraine, I remember your Mam's sisters Anne and Lorna, they used to live beside us in Rosskeen Drive. I used to baby-sit for Ian and Emma (your cousins?). I vaguely remember your Mam and Dad - did you stay in Garve for a while, or did they run the Wheel Inn?
Added by Jillian on 26 June 2006
Hi Jillian, yes I did live in Garve for a while but my other cousin Denise who I usually went to Granny's with grew up there. Are you by any chance Jillian Lamb who has a sister Jackie? Lorna now lives in Inverurie, Anne in Essex and Mum and Gloria in Alness.
Added by Lorraine Groves on 27 June 2006
Yes Lorraine I am, wasn't sure if you or your Mam would remember me. I'm now Jillian Baird and still live in Invergordon - can't quite bring myself to move away although I always thought I would!! Please tell everyone I quite often think about them, it all seems such a long time ago!! EEK
Added by Jillian on 03 July 2006
Nice to hear from you Jillian; Granny now lives in Alness, Denise lives in Evanton, and I live in Carlisle - my dad lives in Blackpool again. Tell everyone I said Hi - what's Jackie up to?
Added by Lorraine Groves on 06 July 2006
Jackie is now living in Elgin, she was married to a guy in the forces but is now separated. She has two girls Karrie (18) & Becki (12). She was still nursing until about 2 years ago but is now working as a carer for Special Needs clients. She has been away from InverG since she was mid-twenties and says she will never move back, but still comes up to see Mam now and again.
Added by Jillian on 12 July 2006
Hi Jillian, hope you don't mind but I was really enquiring after Jackie. I was at school with her and left InverG in my mid-twenties and just wondered how she was. Nice to see your still with David and hopefully happy! Is Jackie happy Jillian? I know she had her fair share of hassle over the years but nice to see she has 2 daughters. Let her know I was asking after her.
Added by Wendy Clist (nee Ross) on 18 July 2006
Wendy - nice to hear from you - e-mail me on Jillyb65@btinternet.com and I'll send you details of how to contact Jackie via e-mail. She doesn't have a computer but her daughter does, so you can get her via Karrie. Sorry taking so long to reply but we have been away.
Added by Jillian on 01 August 2006
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Aerial Views of the Town taken in April 1978

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