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The Invergordon Archive

Bathing Poll, Invergordon
The Invergordon Archive
Bathing Poll, Invergordon

Picture added on 12 May 2004
At Forty seven years old, this picture brings me right back to my childhood. I remember playing with my Action Man figure in the water dressed in his deep-sea diving suit. Not sure the year this was taken, but directly behind the people in the foreground were the changing rooms. You got a wire basket from the attendant where you put you clothes and then returned it for safe keeping.
Added by Michael Coghill on 24 June 2004
I remember the hot orange squash or the hot bovril drink I would have to warm me up after a swim in the freezing cold sea water. Oh happy days.
Added by Heather McKinney (nee Hawkins) on 03 October 2004
It was Oxo wasn't it? They (who?) used to bash the cubes down in the mug with a bit of wood with a crown cap on the end. The pool water was cold but would warm up a bit after a week in the pool. Then of course they'd change it. The water in the paddling pool was sometimes almost warm so you could lie there for a bit to thaw out.
Added by Brian Mckenzie on 04 October 2004
Yes it was oxo....and you were shaking so much from the cold that you could hardly hold the mug in both hands....used to have to lie on the cement paving to get heat from sun if it was out....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 05 October 2004
You are both right it was Oxo. Do you remember the little 'buckies' / winkles stuck to the pool walls?
Added by Heather McKinney (Hawkins) on 05 October 2004
Yes I do, scrape scrape...also remember the raft, a round one...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 05 October 2004
I remember this pool where the now by-pass goes by St Ninians Church. I toddled in the shallow pool which was behind the sea water pool. It closed when I was about 8 - circa 1978.

Added by Marina McCaughey nee Grant on 15 January 2005
I remember once when the pool was newly filled with sea water, a very large red jelly fish had been sucked in. It took quite some time to get it all fished out - yuck! In later times, diving boards were attached to the steps on the sea side of the pool. The pole sticking out over the water was covered in grease for gala events as one of the competitions was for people to get to the end of the pole before diving into the water. I can't remember anyone doing it successfuly.
Added by Bill Geddes on 20 February 2005
Does anyone remember the belt affair used to teach kids/adults to swim? I remember Mr Cooney taking us to the pool in our sport time in high school (early 60s) and thankfully I had managed to dog paddle in the shallow end so was spared - what I considered - the indignity! Hot Oxo just does not taste the same now as it did after a freezing cold dip. I never liked hot orange because it was too sweet. I think of the pool each time I pass by St Ninian's when I am over and reading "Reflections" for "44 years ago" in the on-line "Ross-shire Journal" I see familiar names listed in summer months from pool competitions. Describing the system of filling and emptying to others who have never experienced a tidal pool of that type brings expressions of disbelief in this age of Occupational Health and Safety regulations and Insurance concerns. Good old days or not?
Added by Isabel Kilkenny on 20 February 2005
Isabel, take a look at picture #336 - fond memories??!!
Added by Malcolm McKean on 20 February 2005
I remember if it rained the water got a bit warmer. What fun we all had at the pool - we used to spend all day there - and YES the hot oxo and hot orange was a treat. Once we grew up a bit my brother, Angus Burnett, got a job there as he spent all day there, so at least he got some money then as well. I also remember the jelly fish too - who wouldn't?This is great to read all our happy memories. Take care everyone - God bless. Wilma Mackay.[Burnett]
Added by Wilma Mackay. on 22 February 2005
I have fond memories too. I used to take a dip in the baby pool first as the water was a lot warmer, then go to the big pool, freeze to death, then go for hot orange and a bag of plain crisps. Everyone would be there, I can still taste the salt water. Good times!
Added by ANNE WILKIE on 03 January 2006
I am the little boy looking at the camera. My sister, Joan, I think, is beside me. Mr Privett was in charge. He allowed us to help him empty the pool every Saturday evening. Great excitement. Five shillings for a season ticket for teens. No hot drinks, just keep running! Photo taken about 1934/5. Great times!

(Many thanks George for the comment - the date has been updated - Site Admin.)
Added by George Sutherland (Sud) on 08 August 2007
Mary Fraser made the orange ond oxo... and took the money if you never managed to climb over the wall from the Saltburn end to get in for free!
Added by David Campbell on 04 September 2009
Very fond memories of the old pool, not quite the same these days. Mrs Ross and Mrs Collins were the ladies whom I remember made the Oxo and hot orange and I remember little Mrs Walker before that - and no, Oxo does not taste the same these days.....
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 07 September 2009
Liz, the conditions have to be right. You need to be soaking wet with sea water dripping into your mouth, freezing, shivering and the Oxo must be served outside in a bright orange or blue plastic mug!
Anonymous comment added on 18 September 2009
Anonymous, you must be one of the younger generation. They had proper mugs at the pool for Oxo when I was there. Plastic wasn't so prevalent in those days.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 18 September 2009
Eddie, I remember the old white, ribbed, shaped mugs with Oxo written on them on a small base - must look on Ebay and see if any there!
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 19 September 2009
You're right, Eddie. You and I remember Bella Vass serving the Oxo along with Mr. Privett or his daughter, Joan.
Added by Freda Ross on 19 September 2009
As a mere 52 year old, I can recall plastic mugs which gave the hot Oxo, or hot diluted orange a weird plasticy taste.
Added by Kmmc55 on 19 September 2009
I don't suppose, when they demolished the old swimming pool, that they saved anything for the Museum - items such as the mugs etc.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 19 September 2009
Other entertainments in the pool were blown-up inner tubes from cars and tractors.They made makeshift floating toys but with a large metal valve projecting into the ring you often emerged with impressive cuts and grazes on your body!
Added by Bill Geddes on 30 September 2009
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