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The Invergordon Archive

Invergordon Academy
The Invergordon Archive
Invergordon Academy

Invergordon Academy Football Team; date unknown.
Picture added on 12 May 2004
This photo is certainly not from 1900 ! I recognise Donald MacFarlane, one of my teachers from 1950-3, back right.
In the front row, 2nd left is Justin Calder, next to him, Billy Macpherson, Ian Dingwall and Sandy Mackenzie. I would suggest this photo is from around 1952. Back row (centre) is Jimmy Graham.
Added by Don Munro, Brisbane Australia on 03 August 2005
Correct you are there Don. Macfarlane, known as Lofty for obvious reasons....Sandy Mckenzie was a "natural" - played for Ross County but suffered a broken leg if I recall....Jimmy Graham, back row centre, would he be the station master's son?...are you one of the Alness Munro's?
Added by Harry on 04 August 2005
J Graham was indeed the Station master's son, and Sandy Mackenzie son of the grocery and haberdashery business in the building now ocupied by the Council Service centre in High Street.
Added by Ronald Stewart on 19 September 2005
Can't be certain but the boy in the back row with all the hair - 4th right - looks very like my Uncle - Richard Borthwick (re-christened Nigel, his middle name, by his teacher because there was already a Richard in his class) who enrolled at Invergordon Academy in the 1950s. He was a school pal and football team mate of Ian Dingwall but now lives in Weymouth, Dorset - will try to find out more from him.
Added by Liz Whiteford (Lane) on 19 September 2005
This is definitely Richard Borthwick - it's my father. He had many happy memories of his time in Invergordon, playing football into the wee small hours. Dad still sees Ian Dingwall as he comes South every year and meets Dad for a couple of days reminiscing - they both love it. Dad still plays football to this day and he will be 70 soon! Must be something in the water.
Added by Gavin Borthwick on 21 September 2005
From memory, and this is over 50 years now, I believe the guy standing immediately under Donald Macfarlane, is Ian Campbell, who came from Kildary/Delny area.
Added by Don Munro, Brisbane, Australia on 21 September 2005
My father - Richard Nigel Borthwick said that this photo was from the 1950 - 51 football season.
Added by Gavin Borthwick on 22 September 2005
Back row: 2nd from left is Alan Campbell and 3rd along is Brian Proudfoot.
Added by Eileen MacLeod (Andrews) on 05 January 2006
Those in the photograph will be interested to know that my uncle, Richard Borthwick, Back Row/4th Right, still plays a gruelling midfield role each week and takes all the penalties for his local Weymouth team even at the sprightly age of 70!
Added by Liz Whiteford (nee Lane) on 06 January 2006
The boy in the back row next to Mr. McFarlane is 'Doshy' Benson. He was in my class in school.
Added by Eileen MacLeod (Andrews} on 12 January 2006
Bill - a question for you. Dad vaguely remembers a family shop - is he correct and if so what was it? He is trying to recall what your father's business was. Dad asks if he was a short person with glasses? Dad says that the secret to his fitness is plenty of Typhoo tea and grapes with every meal after a hard day's work. He's got more energy than me at times!!! He thinks his fitness goes back to playing 2-3 hours most evenings on the Black Park at Invergordon, where kids were often forced to come home in as darkness approached. He swears that his present fitness is also due to the fact that he ceased smoking 35 years ago when he was smoking 30-40 a day.
From: Gavin Borthwick (Richard's son) - He was also known as Nigel in Invergordon.
Added by Gavin Borthwick on 12 January 2006
I am several years younger than these, but I can remember them all as I was (and still am ) football crazy. If Richard Borthwick is still playing, can he please share the secret of his enduring youth?!
Added by Bill(y) geddes on 12 January 2006
Yes Gavin, my dad was about 5'2" and wore horn rims. After he left Slaters he started a bakery business in the shop next door to the Rhu hotel (remember Mrs Tutton & Lillian!). He had already contracted MS and eventually the business folded - I guess it was a daft time to open a corner shop business just when supermarkets were coming in...... My dad was also very keen on football and for several years was the President of Invergordon FC. We used to have the trophies they won on our piano at home. Did you know that during the naval mutiny in 1930 Black Park was the site of sailors' mass meetings? Perhaps there should be a plaque there!
Added by Bill(y) geddes on 15 January 2006
Dad remembers your Dad very well now. He tells me that he used to be a fairly useful player himself for Invergordon FC. In those days he was in the left half position and renowned for his hard tackling. These days he's a little slower but reckons(!) he still gets the tackles in. There is a big feature on Dad at the moment due to him still playing. He has been mentioned in dispatches on Sky Sports, Five Live Radio, The Daily Record, The Mirror, The People and local papers. We are currently waiting for the video of the veterans side that he plays for. Meridian and Westcountry - our local ITV channels came down last week to Weymouth FC to film us all in training. He has a great fondness for Invergordon where his amateur football career started in earnest. The people of Invergordon were very friendly towards Dad from day one until the day he had to come south to start an apprenticeship due to lack of any employment for young people at the time. Otherwise he believes he may still be there.
Added by Gavin Borthwick (Richard's son) on 17 January 2006
Hi Gavin, we know what your Dad means re no employment in Inver-g back then, after the dockyard closed that was it...most left heading south or overseas, some joined the merchant navy and are now scattered all over....hoping things are better now re work at Invergordon....
Added by Harry O'Neill on 17 January 2006
Watching ITV local news tonight and it showed Richard Borthwick playing football with his local team and during practise scoring a few penalties. This was on our local West country news programme. Very nice to see.
Added by Douglas Will on 30 January 2006
Hi Douglas, you may not remember me, but I went to school with your brother Norman who joined the Merchant Navy. I heard that he had drowned and hope that this is incorrect? I think you were in the Army: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 30 January 2006
Hi Eileen, I remember you well, also your 2 brothers who were brilliant footballers. It may interest you to know that Ian Dingwall has kept in touch with me since I left Invergordon in 1951 to return back to my hometown Weymouth and start an apprenticeship as an engineer. This was due to a lack of work in the Invergordon area for young people. It's true my Invergordon name is Nigel as there were 2 Richards in my class at the time, the other one being Richard McKray. Good luck with the computer!
Added by Richard (Nigel) Borthwick on 31 January 2006
Harry, Norman joined the Merchant Navy and he married a girl from New Zealand. But that marriage broke down and he moved to Australia where he re-married. I sadly have lost touch with him. Another of my brothers, Stewart, also lives in Auz and married a girl there. He had heart trouble and had to have a bypass fitted. Derek, the brother next to me, now lives in NZ and is very sick with cancer - have not heard any more from him tho'. Trying to remember - are you Riley Dunn's boy or am I mixing things up a bit? Yes I started of in the RASC National service, did a spell with the MPs and when I became a regular I joined the Argylls.
Added by Douglas Will on 31 January 2006
Yes Dad was on alright - we enjoyed watching the coverage and we had a good laugh about it all. Dad is asking (Douglas Will) are you from Invergordon? If so what are your connections?
Added by Gavin Borthwick (Richard's son) on 31 January 2006
Hi Douglas, delighted to hear your Dad is so fit. He was in my class in school but we all knew him as Nigel. It is really interesting and entertaining to hear about old friends. Not long since I started on computer but now am a regular "watcher" for news of the old friends, etc. Can't remember when he left Invergordon.
Added by Eileen MacLeod (nee Andrews) on 31 January 2006
Gavin, yes I'm from Inverg - used to live on Outram Street before moving to 8 Shore Road. I left Inverg when I was called up for National Service. Before that I was a porter at the railway station. I eventually signed on for 22 years with the Army and saw service in Hong Kong, British Guiana, Berlin, Suez, Cyprus, Malaya and Borneo, also Aden. After that I left the army and joined the prison service spending most of my time at Dartmoor prison from where I retired and now live in Tavistock, about 17 miles from Plymouth.
Added by Douglas Will on 31 January 2006
Sorry Eileen, you got it slightly mixed up. My Dad died years ago. I was talking about Dick Borthwick.
Added by Douglas Will on 31 January 2006
Thanks Douglas, yes you got it right, I am Ryall's son; she just died in Oct 2005 age 84. Sorry to hear of Stewart and Derek's troubles. I knew them all right down to Logan the youngest...I am in Canada, but still an Invergordon lad at heart....nice to see you on this site.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 01 February 2006
Harry, your mother and mine used to pal about going to the dances, etc. Sad to say, but mum died away back in 1973. Your Mum had a long life didn't she?
Added by Douglas Will on 06 February 2006
Yes Douglas, great times first at the YMCA then Joss street. Were you a photographer? My sister says she remembers you taking pictures in our front room.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 14 February 2006
Yes Harry, used to take loads of photos but when Mum died I was away and they were lost. In the Army I did photography as a hobby and carried my cameras in the jungle etc, getting some good stuff whilst in Aden as anti-tank Sgt. But as the guns were not used there I became a full-time snapper taking pictures of all that went on. Loads of my photos ended up in the national and local papers. When I left the Army and ended up in the prison service. There I ended up as prison photographer. I only do it now as a hobby.
Added by Douglas Will on 14 February 2006
Douglas see picture #823, it is one that you took, has your name on the back...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 06 March 2006
Hi there, my name is Jade, I'm Ian Campbell's grandaughter. He wants me to leave a message to all his old football pals to tell you that he is still very much alive and can still kick a good ball around the pitch! My granda still lives with my granny Margaret Campbell in Gordon Place, Invergordon. If you would like to leave him a message please do and I'll pass it onto him.
Added by Jade on 08 August 2006
Hi Ian, I remember you well. Nigel Borthwick here, a great mate of Ian Dingwall who I still see every year. You'll probably remember the lads I played football with on the Black Park, Billie McPherson, Doshy Benson, Wee Sandy, ? Connells to name a few. I remember playing in the school team with you - if you see Ian Dingwall in the street let him know I was asking after him. He will let you know how I am getting on and give you more infofmation about the school team. If you can arrange a reunion I will be there.
Added by Gavin - Nigel Borthwick's son on 09 August 2006
Liz - there is an article in today's (15/11/2010) Sun newspaper along with photos of your uncle, Richard Borthwick, still playing at the ripe old age of 75!!... I can scan it and post here if you haven't seen it.
Added by Kenny Maccormack on 16 November 2010
Richard Borthwick was a guest on the "Russell Howard's Good News" - Series 3 - Episode 6 available on the BBC iPlayer until 4:24AM Thu, 9 Dec 2010 if anyone is interested in seeing it. Go to the BBC website and select iPlayer to find this show.

Added by Kenny Maccormack on 05 December 2010
This photo was taken in 1950, when I was 15 years old, probably at Black Park.

(Many thanks Dickie, and I've changed the date accordingly - Site Admin.)
Added by Dickie Borthwick on 23 December 2014
Great to read all the comments. Went to the Academy in the mid 1950s. Recognize Donald McFarlane and remember other teachers at that time. Tich McFarlane (Donald's Wife) Betty McMillan, Smithy the woodwork teacher, Matheson the Maths teacher, Cooney the French teacher, Donald "Leaky" I should remember the headmaster's name but it escapes me at present. Fantastic memories. - I will always be an Easter Ross Teuchter? Samuel Kennedy. South Africa.
Added by Sam Kennedy on 25 March 2015
Sam, it would have been James Clark the headmaster A.K.A The Jake. There is a picture of him on the site.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 25 March 2015
Sam when I was in Primary 1 I think it was in 1957/58 Mr Clark retired and George Milton took over. I was in the secondary with Alastair..
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 25 March 2015
Hi Harry, doesn't look like the Jake to me, maybe it was one of the other teachers.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 27 March 2015
Eddie, the jake is not in this picture or am I misunderstanding you?
He was the headmaster in the 50's.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 28 March 2015
Hi Harry I thought you were referring to the picture when you were talking about the Jake a couple of comments ago. I remember him well.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 30 March 2015
The thought of the Jake taking part in anything which involved enjoyment & fun is just beyond belief. I remember him as a Po faced ogre who was certainly not inspirational as a teacher or a Head. He would never hold down the job nowadays.
Added by Bill Geddes on 31 March 2015
What a true description, I was introduced to the strap for playing the piano without permission in 1949.
Added by Nigel on 31 March 2015
I have read reports that I played for Ross County, which is untrue. However I did play for Ross-shire Under 15s during my stay in Invergordon.
Added by Nigel Borthwick on 22 July 2016
The Observer magazine for january 5th carried an article about oldies still involved in sport...and in there was was a big colour picture of Richard Borthwick, STILL playing at 80 years old!!! The article revealed that he now lives in Weymouth...wish i had known this 2 weeks back as i spent a weekend there before Christmas. What a man!.
Added by Bill Geddes on 09 January 2019
Bill ,l would have loved to have met up with you when you were here. The photo was in The Guardian ,it is on line too.l made sure Invergordon got a mention . I have some good memories as a boy there .
Added by Dickie Borthwick on 12 January 2019
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