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The Invergordon Archive

Park School
The Invergordon Archive
Park School

The Elementary Department of Park School
Picture added on 18 April 2004
This is the first Invergordon Academy, inaugurated in 1875. It replaced six schools in the town, one of which was located nearby on the south side of the High Street - see picture #98.
Added by Malcolm McKean on 04 July 2004
The centre part (directly under the bell) was where the gym room was located, complete with climbing rope, beams and wall bars, and wooden floor which had splinters in it. The gym teacher in my days there was a Miss Horn, who showed up in suit and heels and never did a bit of exercise herself. The porch where the children are standing outside was the main entrance. You were lined up in rows, single file, and the classes entered in order. The classrooms were partitioned and on special occasions the partitions were raised. The teachers were Miss Bryce, Miss Munroe (later Wilson) and Miss Mcdonald, the qualifying teacher. After the qualifying class there was Miss Macmillan and Miss Macfarlane, in the same building...
Added by Harry on 11 August 2005
Yes, Harry, I remember Miss Horne very well and I hated gym!
Added by Catherine MacKenzie(nee Clark) on 12 August 2005
What about Ma and Pa Connon, Mr Shearer (Art), Mrs Duff, Mr Rose (ground keeper), Smith (Woodwork) - Circa 1962?
Added by Keith Varnham on 14 August 2005
Didn't she also drag the boys in on rainy days into the gym to do highland dancing and ballroom too?

Added by Keith Varnham on 14 August 2005
There was another Miss Macdonald in the '30s in Standard 4, who took an ear infection and died while I was there. We all cried, and lined the streets for her funeral.
Added by Jet Andrews (Robb) on 21 September 2005
Does anyone remember Miss Bell? She was the teacher of Primary One when I first went to school in 1947.
Added by Billy Geddes on 26 October 2005
Billy, re Miss Bell, yes she is remembered and is commented on in another picture, as she was in the old Infant School at the top of the school brae...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 28 October 2005
Harry, I seem to be about your age as I remember the same teachers - Miss Bryce, Mrs Wilson and Miss Macdonald also Miss Horn. I remember standing in line to go to class when we were told about the death of the King (1952). Remember feeling very sad. Where are you now? I was same class as Rosemary Graham and Amelia Muckle.
Added by Margaret Sutherland nee Mackenzie on 15 December 2007
Hi Margaret, I am in Canada. Amelia was in my class for 1 year then she was put either up a class or down one as she had just come to Invergordon. Re the King's death, Mrs Wilson who was Miss Macleod then, didn't know about the King until I stood up in class and told her. She then left the room and came back and told us about it. I can't remember if we got the day off, probably not, we wouldn't have been that lucky, Ha....So Margaret, you must remember Miss Macintosh too? whose favourite line was "I will murder you boy"? and she used to throw the strap...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 December 2007
We were in one of the classrooms two in from the entrance and we saw and heard the German plane which had bombed the tank in the tank farm, but we didn't really know what had happened until later. You could also smell the oil as it rushed down the cutting thro' the station and across the goods yard and into the sea.
Added by Doug Will on 16 December 2007
Harry, Amelia Muckle was born and bred in Invergordon and I was in the same class as her all through school and with you Margaret. Bill, I remember Miss Bell very well. She was my first teacher and we had to hold up our hankies to show her every morning. That was in the Infant School at the top of the School Brae. Well remembered Harry and Bill!
Added by Rosalie Samaroo (Graham) on 17 December 2007
Mery Christmas, Rosalie and all! It seems to me that nearly all my Primary teachers were fairly ancient, perhaps because no new teachers had yet come through from post war training schools? The only youngish teacher I remember was Miss Bryce. Miss Bell, Susie Munro, Miss Crystal etc were all "mature". As for Miss Horne...don't start me!!
Added by Bill Geddes on 18 December 2007
Does any one remember Mrs Grant? She lived in Tain. I can't remember which class she taught, perhaps P7 after Miss Macdonald retired. She told us her father was the engine driver of the train that was in the station when the bomb hit the tank. Doug, your comment about the bomb prompted my memory. No doubt what the site is all about. I came from Saltburn school and joined you Rosemary in P5. Harry, I don't think I remember Miss Macintosh - what class did she take? My memory is clearer about the Academy - Leakie, Lofty, Cooney, Tubby Matheson.
Added by Margaret Sutherland Nee Mackenzie on 18 December 2007
Margaret, Miss Macintosh taught primary 3, the class before Miss Corbett. You were at Saltburn school so you wouldn't have known her, lucky you.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 19 December 2007
Margaret, think the teacher after Gogglie was Miss McMillan (Betty), she lived in Tain and was easy on the eyes. Didn't Miss Bryce take over from Miss Grant?
Billy, Merry Xmas to you too and everyone....Does anyone remember the Commercial teacher, she had a class behind the Infant school, taught book-keeping, or as Mr Smith would say "pencil pushers"?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 19 December 2007
Hi Margaret - young cousin here!!! Miss MacKintosh was my Primary 3 Teacher so maybe a bit after your time!!! She was a very formidable woman, she stayed down Park Lane somewhere and was well known for bawling things like "I'll murder you boy" and all said in a tone that any 7 or 8 year old would believe it. She was reputed to throw the belt across the room at people, I seem to remember a story about Bill Geddes's sister Jeanette being an intended target at one time - maybe Bill can verify. Can you imagine that sort of stuff happening today? - teachers are in trouble just looking at kids the wrong way.
Added by Graham MacKenzie on 19 December 2007
Margaret - should have realised that you would not have known Miss MacKintosh because you would have been in Saltburn School at that stage. I suppose the number of ex Saltburn School pupils is dwindling fairly rapidly - I'm not sure but I suppose they must all be over the fifty mark by now. Incidentally, don't know if you have seen it but one of the murals in the town depicts old Saltburn and the school. For what it's worth I reckon it is the best so far.
Added by Graham Mackenzie on 19 December 2007
I agree with the nowadays policy of not punishing children physically, but it is difficult to avoid the knowledge that in Primary school it was in the classes of the fiercest teachers that I did best. I think it was Goglie who ran the "Qualifying" class and she frightened me into 3rd place in the class! I have a sneaky feeling that some teachers pushed me a bit, as they thought I was not trying hard enough. This was certainly true as I was not very interested in school and the only teacher I remember stirring my interest was Lofty MacMillan - a big hairy man who I suspect, loved his job, and children too. A nice man, I still remember with great pleasure when he would read to us on Friday afternoons - Dickens, Burns, Jerome K Jerome and not bloody Shakespeare!!
Added by Bill Geddes on 20 December 2007
Harry, Bill, Margaret, Doug and everyone who contributes to this wonderful site: I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Healthy New Year.
Added by Rosalie Samaroo (Graham) on 20 December 2007
Hi Rosalie, same to you. Billy, that's Lofty Mcfarlane. Macmillan was Betty, class beside Titch's who was a good looker, so that makes it two, her and Miss Bryce, weren't we blessed..?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 21 December 2007
Your right Harry, I got my Macs mixed up. Lofty was married to the Auchterlonie twins auntie "Tich". I think they both taught English. Can't remember Lofty ever getting a belt out; who would fancy getting six delivered from his height!
Added by Bill Geddes on 22 December 2007
I would also like to wish you all a lovely Christmas and all the very best for 2008. (The years are going so fast now). Bill I agree with you about the teachers, I doubt if I would have passed the qualifying if it wasn't for Miss Macdonald, she was so strict but in hindsight, a really great teacher. Graham, thanks for putting me right about Miss Macintosh. I too remember Lofty as a very nice gentle man, he was married to Titch, don't think they had any family.
Added by Margaret Sutherland Nee Mackenzie on 22 December 2007
Checking my class pictures and others of that era - not one of them has a teacher in the photo. The ones of today include the teacher, which is a nice feature to look back on.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 24 December 2007
It's so nice to read about all the teachers we had, which brings back many memories. Miss Bell was my first teacher; Miss Corbett; Alice Macleod who became Mrs Wilson; Miss Macdonald (Gogglie); Miss Campbell (Art); Betty Macmillan (Amelia Muckle and I were her "pets"); Lofty and Tich Macfarlane; Tubby Matheson; Mr. Cooney; Johnny Leakie; "THE Jake" Mr Clark; and like Bill.....don't get me started about Miss Horne!!!!
Added by Rosalie Samaroo (Graham) on 26 December 2007
Miss Bell was still teaching when we moved to Invergordon in 1973. She was my younger sister's Primary One teacher and had an awful dislike towards her. I remember my Mam coming to school and having an out and out shouting match with her about they way she treated her!! I was mortified, but my sister was delighted!!
Added by JillianB on 03 January 2008
Jillian, think Miss Bell left in 1948; maybe you mean Miss Macintosh?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 03 January 2008
Jillian, this must be a different Miss Bell! The one that "taught" me must have been a victim of hellfire (hopefully) long before 1973. It greatly distresses me to consider that a Mark 2 was inflicted on later children. If only the teaching profession could be a closed shop for those who love chidren and knowledge!
Added by Bill Geddes on 03 January 2008
Okay, thanks - it was definately a Miss (Mrs?) Bell, possibly a reincarnation? She was also prone to 'chucking' a few blackboard dusters about the room too!!!
Added by JillianB on 04 January 2008
Sad to see in todays Ross-shire Journal intimation of death of Mrs Alice Wilson nee Macleod.
Added by Margaret Sutherland nee Mackenzie on 29 February 2008
Alice was my mother's friend, they phoned each other weekly. I was visiting my mother who now lives in Fife, earlier this week, when a phone call came to tell her that Alice had died. I spoke to Alice last year on the phone and had hoped to see her this June when we will be visiting Invergordon. Sad to hear about her death.
Added by Ian Macphail on 29 February 2008
Yes Margaret, Catherine Mackenzie (Clark) relayed the sad news to me. Mrs Wilson (Macleod) was a lady that truly knew her craft. Highly respected by her students.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 01 March 2008
Hi Margaret, sad to hear of Alice Wilson's death. She will be remembered by many, even those who live in other parts of the world who will remember her as their teacher.
Added by Rosalie (Graham) Samaroo on 01 March 2008
Very sad to hear of Alice Wilson's death. She was great friends with my mother Margaret Zawinski, and every week when I was small, we would meet with Alice and have afternoon tea.
Added by Caroline Macleod on 03 March 2008
Alice was a teacher that never forgot you, and I remember when Margaret Ross and I got belted for using the Senior Girls’ toilet block after being warned not too. She apologised before she belted us! I was petrified of Miss Crystal, liked Mrs Duff, had a young teacher in P3 called Miss Mackenzie (now retired near Bonar) and in primary 4 Miss Mary Ross who was the best teacher I ever had and we still exchange Xmas cards to this day.
Added by Liz Askew on 21 May 2008
Liz, Primary 4, Miss Ross, she gave me the belt for talking... it scarred me for life! Not only was it the day after my baby brother died, but someone had been poking me in the back until I lost patience and turned around and told her to stop.... I think it was Alison. But I got the strap!!! I have great memories of Invergordon Academy with that one exception. Miss Crystal with her oddfellows on a Friday afternoon and the sound of tiddlywink counters being clicked onto your desk, Mrs. Duff, Miss Mackenzie, Johnnie Leakie, Miss Bryce/Mrs. Shearer with her stories about the Blue Grotto on her honeymoon, Mr Laing - he brought history alive... aaah happy salad days. I am sorry to hear about Mrs. Wilson, she was a gem.
Added by Mairi Curran (Mackenzie) on 14 April 2010
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