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The Invergordon Archive

Clyde Street
The Invergordon Archive
Clyde Street

A view of Clyde Street looking west from the corner of Bank Street. The date of the picture is a guess.
Picture added on 02 August 2012 at 22:46
Is it really 27 years since they've been repairing rigs at Invergordon? Which house was in the carpark beside Dougal's house? Street looks as quiet as I remeber it back in 1967.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 03 August 2012
Eddie, there used to be a prefab beside Dougal, Bob Fair lived in the other one.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 06 August 2012
The gap site in the photo was previoulsy occupied by a prefab.
I believe the last occupant of the prefab was Lachie ******. Was this a relative of Mr Munro who posted the photo?
Added by Ronald Stewart on 12 August 2012
Did Jock Gordon, who drove the Station lorry, live in this pre-fab?
Added by Gordie Peterson on 12 August 2012
You're right Gordon, Jock Gordon lived there after Lachie.
Added by Ronald Stewart on 13 August 2012
The house with red car parked outside it is called Roselea - now very run down - my Nanna lived in it until she passed away last year aged 101. Hopefully it will be bought and 'done up' or else it might just go to ruin - very long, sad story.
Added by JillianB on 16 August 2012
Jillian, I remember a lady living in the white house on the corner of the lane by the red car who kept a beautiful garden there and she would show us kids through it. Not sure but think her name was Macmillan. Same lady?
The house shows white in this photo but think it was more of a yellowish colour.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 August 2012
Yes Harry - it is still yellow. My nana was Mrs Lamb, but I remember a lady further up/down towards the coal yard who had a wonderful garden, I think they were on other side of the road, may be the same family?
Added by JillianB on 18 August 2012
Thanks Jillian, no it was this house for sure, likely lived there before your Nana. It would have been in the '50s. We used to get to school via the lane. I think she befriended us so that we would do no mischief, we never did.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 18 August 2012
The lane near the red car was called Mackies Lane by everybody - most probably have a proper name now. The house on the left of the space was Frasers house.
Added by Doug Will on 23 August 2012
Did this house back on to the blacksmith shed and yard?
Added by Gordon Will on 24 August 2012
Yes it did Gordon. Do you remember the wall that fell on your brother Jimmy's head? That was many years ago.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 25 August 2012
Yes Harry he's still got the lump on his head, still remember hiding I got for it, made your own entertainment in them days.
Added by Gordon Will on 26 August 2012
Jillian I think I'm correct in saying your Nana's house is being renovated, they seem to be doing a very thorough job so the house should be there for many years yet.
We live in the house directly behind the photographer on the corner of Bank Street.
Added by Peter Legge on 26 August 2012
Yes Peter I noticed the other day that it was being worked on - sadly my family just let it rot!! Harry - yes I can imagine it had a nice garden at some point, again very overgrown now.
Added by JillianB on 05 September 2012
Harry, I think you are right. Mrs Macmillan lived there a long time ago. She was the wife of the Headmaster of the Academy (before Mr Clark ) in my mother's day .
Added by Rosalie Graham (Samaroo) on 29 September 2012
Yes, it was my grandfather Lachie Munro's prefab. His workshop was across the street but a bit further down. I remember it was full of all sorts of exotic timbers and old wooden tools. Probably junked when he died. Worth a fortune now.
Added by Lachlan Munro on 11 November 2012
Lachlan, I am trying to remember where his workshop was located. Across the street from him would have been the old fire-hall. Seem to recall another shed there.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 12 November 2012
Harry. I remember a workshop of some description just about opposite the last white building on the left. It had a big double door as far as I can remember.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 12 November 2012
I've double checked, and I've got the date wrong. I think it was taken on the 13th of August 1988.
Added by Lachlan Munro on 12 November 2012
Facing out from the prefab Harry it was across the street but down to the left about 50-60 feet. It's difficult to remember, I was only 9 when Old Lachie died. I do remember Jackie Rhind's shop though.
Added by Lachlan Munro on 12 November 2012
Thanks Eddie and Lachlan, time affects my memory, but like Eddie I remember it being to the left of the fire-hall as you face it. Tried locating it in some of the overhead pics.
Lachlan we remember Rhind's when it was Charlie Frasers.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 12 November 2012
The building that was to the left of the firestation used to be a vegetable store for one of the grocery stores. It had a green door.
Added by Doug Will on 13 November 2012
Hi Doug, yes there was more in that little corner, didn't Freddy Cross operate out of there too with his lemonade cart?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 14 November 2012
Harry, just past that white car on the right was there not an old shed which was Taylors' Garage around the war years?
Added by Duncan Murray on 22 November 2012
Duncan you are really putting my old brain cells (what's left of them) to the test. I can't remember.
Good to see you on here again.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 22 November 2012
Does anybody remember Joe Angelo who had a garage round the corner (in Bank Street I think)?
Added by Lachlan Munro on 23 November 2012
Lachlan, it was up Ross Lane, up from the lemonade shop.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 23 November 2012
Thank you Harry - how the memories come flooding back. I remember the garage like it was yesterday. I also remember my Dad telling me that Joe was almost interned during the war because he was Italian born.
Added by Lachlan Munro on 24 November 2012
Oh yes, Joe Angelo was a well known face in Invergordon. I remember his garage very well. It's good for those people to be brought to mind as my memory is not as good as it used to be but when I see the names and places THEN I remember.
Added by Rosalie Graham (Samaroo) on 24 November 2012
Indeed Rosalie, I was just a youngster at the time, but Invergordon and its folks will never leave me.
Added by Lachlan Munro on 25 November 2012
Joe sold out to Rob Macgreggor from the Keith area as I worked there in the Ross Street Garage in 1965 just before I was married.
Added by Duncan Murray on 25 November 2012
Duncan, can you remember the van that Joe drove, was it the front half of a Bradford, and the rear end of a Ford?
Added by Gordy Peterson on 25 November 2012
Hi Gordy, Lachlan and Duncan. Joe's van was definitely two different halves but what types.....I haven't a clue.
Added by Rosalie Graham (Samaroo) on 26 November 2012
My brother Charlie confirms Gordy's view that Angelo's van was the front of a Bradford, the back of a Ford and he thinks, a light blue colour. I remember him getting a "close up" of the van when he got pushed backwards onto the road at Achnagarron on a "hurlie". Angelo's van crushed the back wheels of the cart and Charlie lost the skin from both elbows. However that was nothing compared to the bollocking our mother gave him!
Added by George Mackay on 30 November 2012
Ah, the good old days, eh George?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 30 November 2012
Yes, the house at the left hand edge of the photo is the house where I was born. The address was always 4 Bank Street and I don't think there was a Clyde Street address. The gap between our house and Dougal Mac's house was a WRNS canteen during the war when I was a toddler. My mother always said that I was spoiled rotten by the girls. Always liked Wrens I did in later life.
On a slightly different topic - can anyone explain why the little arch under the railway line about half a mile west of the end of the High Street was called "the Donkey Bridge"? and why was the "Bull's Hill" so called. It's amazing the trivia that the brain brings up in that half awake state in the early hours. Must be getting old.
Added by John Fraser on 07 December 2012
The donkey bridge is so called because donkeys were used to bring seaweed from the shore to the fields now the golf course.
Added by Lesley Alexander on 27 December 2014
Lesley, thanks for that information. I always wondered why it was called the Donkey Bridge.
Added by Rona Thomson on 27 December 2014
My Grandfather Lachie Munro was known as 'Lachie Tarrel' because that was the farm where he worked as a lad, where his father was a cattleman. My father was also 'Lachie Tarrel' even though he had never been near the farm.

Added by Lachlan Munro on 27 December 2014
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