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The Invergordon Archive

The Invergordon Archive

Here is an old photo of Invergordon, date unknown. Shore Road seems to be just a gravel track, but as it's a tinted photo, perhaps the tinting has gone astray!
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Picture added on 10 June 2012 at 10:24
Fab pic Jim. The old cement shed beside the ferry is intact, I also see the prefabs in Outram Street, so late '40s early '50s would be the date. Maybe Malcolm could give us a larger version?
It is the clearest shot of my old building on Outram Street I have seen so far.

(Thanks for the reminder Harry, and I've altered the 'Year' to 1950 as this would be closer - Site Admin.)
Added by Harry O'Neill on 10 June 2012
Great picture, just as I remember it as a child.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 11 June 2012
The old cement shed burned down on a Sunday morning when I was about eight or nine (ie 1956/57). I remember my Dad chasing me back into the car as I tried to follow him onto the scene! It was quite a blaze.
Added by Fraser Dryden on 11 June 2012
Yes it was Fraser. It was also the end of our place to change into our swim trunks before challenging the freezing water of the firth.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 12 June 2012
You're right about the freezing water Harry - I don't know how we survived. And the swimming pool seemed even worse, requiring infusions of hot orange and Bovril to restore the circulation!
Added by Fraser Dryden on 12 June 2012
There seems to be an awful lot of red roofs or is it to do with artistic licence on the photographers part?
Added by Robbie Aburrow on 12 June 2012
I remember the oxo or bovril drinks at the open air pool. Strange that the adverse impact of the sea temperature seems to be proportional to age. More recent dips in Orkney 20 years ago and Whitby 5 years ago felt so much worse than the Invergordon pool!
Added by George Mackay on 12 June 2012
The hot Bovril or Oxo I remember Fraser, holding the cup steady was a feat, shivers. Getting in was the worst part, usually took a run at it.

Added by Harry O'Neill on 12 June 2012
I have fond memories of the open air pool. Bertie Cameron, Duggie Low and I used to walk the railway line from Alness to have a dip. We were not good swimming, but we loved it. We did have good training - Roddie Bell used to throw us in at Averon Bridge pool, we would head to far side drinking half the river on way across; dear me it is a wonder I'm still around - alas poor Bertie and Duggie have passed on.
Added by Tommy Macallister on 24 June 2012
I agree about the colour but nevertheless a great picture of the town as it was in the '50s. You also get a good idea of what has been lost. The area around the Shore Road was not particularly attractive but it did have some character. Nearly every street has a memory for me. I was quite distressed the last time I was home to see so much of the older part swept away.
Added by Bill Geddes on 31 July 2012
I am ex RAF; I came here after this picture was taken - too much has been lost when alternative sites were available.
Added by Colin Graham on 01 August 2012
Took another look at this one. The inner courtyard of the bone-mill can be seen where the rail lines curve into the dockyard in front of the large shed. This was always a busy place and had dark grey polished cobble stones.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 01 October 2012
Looking at picture and think this must be after 1950 because by the building to the right of the cement shed there used to be a toilet block and it was still there when I left for my National service in November 1950.
Added by Doug Will on 27 October 2012
I think that is the maggie the old ammo barge in the basin we used to get 303 bullets in the bilges to make squibs
Added by Willie Mackay on 19 January 2013
Hi Willie, funny you should mention that. My cousin Bob Birch just mentioned it to me in an email. He used to come up from Liverpool in some summers and remembers the Maggie, and the bits of cordite. All the best to you Willie.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 19 January 2013
That is indeed the building that I remember Harry,very strange layout. I am presuming that the dividing wall between each house ran back to front in line with Bank Street and King Street with both houses having a double gable ... can you confirm Eddie. Never knew you lived down there Eddie,I always remember your family at the top of the High Street beside the Legion
Added by Graham MacKenzie on 15 February 2019
Thanks Graham, I think your comment should go on picture #185 so Eddie can get it ?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 15 February 2019
Fab picture my old eyes not too good finding prefabs I remember the chip shop there Millie Mctaggart stayed in one of the prefabs her dad was Invergordon FC goalkeeper good too we used to go down to old pier tgere was timber buffers floating to prevent boats getting damaged , we used to rock them until we had them really going , how lucky are we could have slipped and got crushed , but many a belting in school as we would get on the ferry with Dugal and always late back Bell would be ringing as we were coming into pier !again! But it was happy times , ,loved my time in Invergordon academy , was so involved in sport, was centre half and captain of under 15s played for seniors right half , Saturday afternoon played for Alness United right wing ,special people I was lucky to be part of what was happening, special memories of Sandy Mackenzie whosent on and played for County James Ross ( Ditchburn) he was Alness keeper , my mentor The late Jock Mackay He was senior captain, County have just beaten East Fife in semi final of the IRNBRU cup ,I follow county everywhere Ross shire to the core ,served in the Seaforth Highlander But now I’m fading had stroke now diagnosed with Vascular Dimentia so probably one of the last posts I’ll do sorry if ther are mistakes Than younall
Added by Tomy macallister on 16 February 2019
Hello Tommy, sorry to hear about your health troubles. Life is life, with me its heart problems, have to live with it nothing we can do. I do a lot of walking.
I laughed at your comments about being late for school and the bell ringing, reminded me of myself as a boy. Great times.
Here is my e-mail address, contact me anytime hjaoneill@shaw.ca
Please remember that there will always be an Invergordon person in your corner..
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 February 2019
Harry was just sitting the other night i can vagueiy remember that where your row of houses stood was once a great wooden shed that covered the whole areait could have been a sawmill or somrthing else wonderif any off the older generation could shed some light on it for us doug
Added by Doug Will on 16 February 2019
Thank you Harry q
Added by Tomy macallister on 16 February 2019
Hi Tommy! We are all getting a bit creaky but sorry to hear about your issues. I remember your name but not you ..which is a bit strancge. I enjoyed reading you recollections.Millie McTaggart was in my class in school, I think you may have been too? I particularly remember Millies Dad as my Dad used to drag me along to all the Invergordon FC games, there was a purple patch in the mid Fifties when Invergordon won lots of trophies (they were on our piano!). If I could dig up my Dad and tell him Ross County were now a SFA team he would probably call me a liar!
Added by Bill Geddes on 16 February 2019
Hi Doug, yes there once used to be a market place there and a sort of stock-yard and it shows up on one of the older pictures on this site.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 February 2019
You are welcome Tommy, you must remember Doug Will.
I am in touch with Douglas and now you which is great.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 February 2019
Hi Douglas, take a look at picture #332 use the large version. You will see what was there before my row of houses, also the sawmill around where your house on Shore Rd was...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 February 2019
There you go Tommy, another person from Invergordon in your corner, Billy Geddes,
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 February 2019
Yes, quite an event when County made it into the Scottish League. Attended many games in the early days,the unsuccessful Cup Final against Dundee United, and the recent great success against Hibs. Good times!
Added by Fraser Dryden on 17 February 2019
Billy I was centre half andcaptain of under fifteens we were doing better than seniors it developed into a challenge ,whereby under fifteens played seniors in black park ,where Invergordon football club played , anyway we broke rules we were still going at it under fifteens,up by a goal ,scored by sadly can’t remember his Christian name surname Junour nice guy as were everybody back then , any way Rector Teachers up to tge Park bell”long gone ,we were rounded up and taken to task ,seniors hire the brunt , probably biggest event that summser.like mutiny on the bounty lol,
You remember Ronnie Ross Eric Urquhart ( chant ) Bobby Ferguson Alan Hunter Alan Macleod ( Tarzan ) Dickie Milne Alan Drever Big Murdo Mackay Bertie Cameron
John Swanson Wiliest Mackay
Added by Tomy macallister on 17 February 2019
Just in case folk dont know,Richard (Dicky) Borthwick now 82 years old, is still playing competative football down in Weymouth. He appears in several photos on this site,usually at the Swimming Pool!
Added by Bill Geddes on 17 February 2019
Fraser Dryden, can you take a look at picture #286 and is it you at the bollard ?
Long shot I know,,
Added by Harry O'Neill on 17 February 2019
Tommy, was it Ron Juner ?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 17 February 2019
Yes Harry it WAS Ron Junor your memory is good ,hecwas agood player
Added by Tomy macallister on 17 February 2019
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