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The Invergordon Archive

Group Picture
The Invergordon Archive
Group Picture

From Left on Back Row: Margaret Fraser (father ambulance driver), Madge Fair (MacRae), Pinky MacRae (Ross), Mary (Hec's Wife), Joey MacRae, Mrs Buckie.

Middle Row: Mrs MacRae, Muriel MacRae.

Second Row: Jean MacRae, Isobel Ross, Bobby Fair, Robert MacRae, Alec Ross, ?

Front Row: ?, ?

(The date of the picture is not known - Site Admin.)
Picture added on 25 May 2011 at 10:45
Hi Willie, I just came across this photo, it is a gem to say the least, remember most of them. Is it Granny Macrae holding Bobby?
Good picture of Mrs Buckie, probably with her daughter Andre?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 01 June 2011
I had to laugh when I saw "Mrs Buckie"! It has always fascinated me that Invergordon people had such permanent nicknames. They were unusual in that they continued into adulthood and very often the person’s original name was forgotten or unknown so that the nickname became the persons real name. I am fairly certain that my own "official" name was unknown to many people who knew me as "Tufty" Geddes. I have no idea where that nickname came from but I have no doubt that if I still lived in Invergordon it would be the name most people would know me by.
Who made up the nicknames and why did they take over from a persons proper name? Sometimes they were obvious, for example "Shorty" McLeod…..but the "Black Prince" where on earth did that come from?
By the way Mrs Buckie was the wife of the town dustman "Buckie". (Buckie = bucket: bucket = dustbin.)
Added by Bill (Tufty) Geddes on 03 June 2011
Unfortunately the ones that would know are no longer with us, our parents (yours and mine) and grandparents. There were some nicknames that are unrepeatable. For some reason I was called O'Neill orange peel, which usually invoked a punch-up.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 03 June 2011
This photo of Madge Fair and Joey Macrae conjure up memories of the newspaper stall on Invergordon Railway platform which was open even on Christmas Day. How often I regret the demise of the services when I travel by train. I try to resist boring all around with 'When I was young...' but it is hard!
Added by Freda Ross on 05 June 2011
I have happy memories of working alongside Madge Fair at Macgregors grocery shop. I think the girl in the front row on the left is Andree Clark.
Re the "Black prince" I always remember being terrified of him for some reason.
Added by Janet Shoosmith (Macpherson) on 05 June 2011
Madge Macrea also had a little paper shop just down from the junction of King Street and Clyde Street, only opened it on a Sunday. Used to go in there, also Jock the barbers for the Sunday papers to take down to the middle pier where the minesweepers or troopships moored up.
Added by Doug Will on 22 June 2011
Hi Doug, I thought it was Joey that had the paper shop on Clyde St. also at the railway station?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 23 June 2011
Hi Doug
It was Joey who ran the little paper shop on Clyde Street, some time later Appel the jeweller set up in that little shop prior to moving to the High Street. Jock the Barbers was originally my Grandfather although I suspect you would have got your papers in Jocks from my father (John Mitchell) who had Willie Forsyth as an assistant. I remember Logan who was a couple of years ahead of me in school.
Added by John Mitchell on 23 June 2011
Sorry, got my names mixed up - old age catching up!
Added by Doug Will on 23 June 2011
My mum and gran are in this - Pinkie my lovely gran who passed away in October and my mum Isobel.
Added by Fiona Newton on 25 June 2011
Tufty Geddes was his nickname because the rolls in his baker’s shop were always tough. Hope I'm right on this one. I wonder, does Logan Wills remember when he threw a stone at my lovely new doll and put a hole in the head (I cried and had to put a hat on it to hide it). The paper shop on Clyde Street was my auntie Joey Macrae; I was the paper girl delivering on a Sunday.
Added by Muriel Macrae on 26 June 2011
I was told from Angus Ross the name Tufty originated from when my Dad was in the council Dean of Guild or something once he got his teeth into something he was like a dog with a bone, the name seemed to stick to my brother and then unfortunately myself, I didn't like the rolls as a child, I prefered puffed wheat!!
Added by Jeanette Bremner (Geddes) on 06 July 2011
Well I just loved the rolls and the butteries especially when they were warm from the oven!!! Makes my mouth water just thinking about them. Willie Geddes was a lovely man and stuck to his principles. Definitely not a "yes" man.
Added by Rosalie (Graham) Samaroo on 08 August 2011
Some of my happiest memories are of the daily trot up the High St. from school to Willie Geddes's shop near the Rhu Hotel where I enjoyed sinking my teeth into the cream buns - every school day. They were the best! No wonder my teeth are full of fillings!
Added by Freda Ross on 08 August 2011
Rosalie,your spot on! The Rolls and particularly the butteries were fantastic! sadly the baking trade has gone down hill badly as most bread and buns are factory produced using modern methods designed to get as much water into products instead of flavour. Some (but not many) things from the past, were most certainly better than they are today.
Added by Bill Geddes on 08 August 2011
The rolls were the best at Slater's bakery, right across the road from you Rosalie. I used to deliver them real early in the morning.
Some teachers may have found theirs a bit stringy though, Cooney for one.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 08 August 2011
Good memory Harry of where I used to live at my Granny's house. I still preferred the rolls from Willie Geddes although I had to walk a wee bit further. It's always good to read your comments Harry, Bill and Freda.
Added by Rosalie (Graham) Samaroo on 10 August 2011
Thank you for your kind words about my Dad Rosalie. I'm quite lucky here, my village is only 8 miles from Perth and there is a wee family bakery there. When I go in the smell reminds me of Dad's shop - believe it or not their cream cookies are the very same with the icing sugar on top so it goes on your nose, their rolls and butteries are great. I'm going down to visit Bill and Janis next week and I'll be taking down his favourite pies.
Added by Jeanette Bremner (Geddes) on 10 August 2011
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