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The Invergordon Archive

Outram Street looking west
The Invergordon Archive
Outram Street looking west

This is the view west from the junction with King Street.
Picture added on 06 August 2009 at 19:33
Quite a few changes here but still recognisable after 50 years.
The 2nd house on the left is where the lady that worked in the picture house office lived (Margaret?); the next house is new - used to be a two storey where Lottie Clark lived. Next is the building where I lived as did Catherine Mackenzie (Clark) also the Ross, Russell and Mellon families. The next was Nelly Blye's, I don't know if she was a real person as I never did see her. On the end of the street facing is where the Walker's lived with the Ross's next door.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 06 August 2009
The first house on the right (painted red) is my old house. We lived there from 1973-1976. My grandparents lived there prior to that, but not sure for how long.
Added by JillianB on 07 August 2009
Hi Jillian, I didn't mention who lived in this house as I couldn't remember. Who were your grandparents?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 07 August 2009
My Grandfather was David Lamb. He had a photographer's studio in the wee building next to the house, which was also used as a shop but, as far as I know, is now unused. They must have been in it in the 1960s as I have a photo taken in the studio when I was about 3 yrs old (1968). He was originally from the Glasgow area (I think) but my Nanna was originally from Alness and was one of a rather large family (Black's) many of whom are still around. Her family is fairly well known in the Alness area.
Added by JillianB on 10 August 2009
Hi Jillian, I remember the photographers being there in the early sixties when I was around ten. It became a shop in later years.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 10 August 2009
Hi Jillian, that would be after I left Inver-g, so I didn't know them.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 11 August 2009
The house on the right in front of the red vehicle was occupied by 2 elderly men. One was named Mike and his nickname was Itchy-coo, why I'll never know.
There were some strange nick-names put on people back then, none were ever explained.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 11 August 2009
I remember Lottie Clarks - was her house the one on the front with Mrs Hunter at the back or vice versa? Lottie used to sit in the porch area of the Royal Hotel with Grandma Clark (Billy Clark. the shoe shop's mother) in the afternoon watching the world go by.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 13 August 2009
When did they knock down nos 21 and 23 opposite the blue trailer - didn’t David Bodell’s family live there? Seems like many changes since I was last there in the late ’50s but the buildings at the end of Outram Street still seem the same. Can see our old house in the background - No 8.
Added by Doug Will on 18 August 2009
Hello Liz, Lottie was some relation of mine through my grandmother, Mrs.Taylor. I remember Lottie's house as having a front door on the street and a back door to the garden. I think the two houses were side by side.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 22 August 2009
Hi Eddie, I remember you and your mum and aunt. I think you are right, they must have been side by side but one was the end terrace and had a side garden and I suppose the other had just a back garden. Now I'm not sure which was Lottie's. Did Lottie have a son?
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 22 August 2009
Hi Liz. Lottie had the house with the side garden at the west end of the house. Her son was called Bartle - not sure if that is the correct spelling, but that is the way it sounds.
Added by Eddie Trotter on 22 August 2009
Harry, it was Margaret Hendry and her parents who lived in the 2nd house on left. The Bodells lived next door to them. The house on the right with the red car in front is actually a new house from when you left Inverg but it is on the site where Rod Macdonald and his brother Mike (Itchy coo) lived.
Lottie Clark used to own all of the house and one of her sons lived in the front. Lottie always used the porch entrance to her part of the house and the garden was shared. Lottie had 5 sons and as far as I know her son Ross lives in Inverness and Bartle is in London. Mrs Hunter moved into the front of the house in the '60s.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie( nee Clark) on 22 August 2009
Liz, Lottie had a couple of sons. One was named Bartel but can't remember the other one.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 22 August 2009
Lottie had 5 sons: Charles, Evan, Tappy, Ross and Bartle. When I was young, Tappy and his wife lived in the front of the house. His wife's name was Jean and she didn't keep very well.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 23 August 2009
Hi Catherine, knew you would know about Lottie Clark's family. Here's one for you, who were the ladies that lived in the cottage across from the Melon's? Think it was called Rose cottage...
Added by Harry O'Neill on 24 August 2009
Harry, do you mean the house beside the prefabs or the one on the same side as the Mellons? The Misses Doull lived beside the Mellons and it was always known as Nellie Blye's whoever she was! Cannot remember who lived in the cottage beside the prefabs.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 24 August 2009
Thanks Catherine, meant the one on the other side of Outram across from the Mellons. There were some elderly ladies living there, who kept pretty much to themselves; guess that's why we never knew who they were. Funny about Nelly Blye, think she was just a name.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 24 August 2009
The right corner of the picture with the lamp post and the shrubs was where my grandmother’s (Bunty Munro) house, 23 Outram Street stood until the council purchased it from the granddaughter, the legatee Yvonne Hillis, and built toilets. Not sure when this happened as by this time I was in the army and had married and really lost contact with my granny, a long story which I don’t dwell on much these days. The short time I spent with my grandmother in Invergordon was very happy. I still have contact with my cousin Hilda and my Aunt Nancy who until very recently lived in Ferry Row but now spends her days in a local rest home.
Added by Michael McDonagh on 15 July 2010
I have fond of your granny (Bunty), Michael. I was friends with Yvonne and used to spend lots of time with Bunty and Jimmy. Sorry to hear that Nancy is in residential care. Give her and Hilda my regards.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 16 July 2010
Catherine and Michael, was Bunty Munro: Bunty Bell?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 16 July 2010
Harry, Bunty Munro was also known as Bunty Bell.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 17 July 2010
Harry, I too was under the assumption that it was Bunty Bell who lived next door to us in Outram Street. Her daughter was Nancy Bell.
Added by Doug Will on 17 July 2010
Doug, it is the same person. Her husband was Jimmy Munro. But she was always referred to as Bunty Bell and her daughter was Nancy.
Added by Catherine MacKenzie (nee Clark) on 18 July 2010
I remember them both, I think Jimmy used to deliver orders for Slaters the bakers when I worked there during the school holidays.
Anonymous comment added on 19 July 2010
Yes Harry, Bunty Munro was also Bunty Bell, the Bell being her maiden name. My mother was her second child but was brought up by Bunty's sister. Nancy was brought up by Bunty. I kept in touch with Nancy and her daughter Hilda, as my brother retired from the Army to Inverness, and visited when I could over the years as I love to return to the Town. Jimmy Munro was a delivery man, and was quite well known in the Town, until he became bed-ridden. He still kept up with the gossip though and knew more about what went on than the able-bodied. I loved them both even though circumstances did not allow me to spend as much time with them as would have liked.
Added by Michael McDonagh on 19 July 2010
I'm trying to track down my father's side of the family. His name was Cecil Bell and he lived at 23 Outram Street as stated in the Bann's of marriage in 1943. Though he was in service at the time. He had 2 sisters Doris and Nancy.
If anyone has any info I'd be grateful.
Added by Debra Scott on 14 August 2018
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