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The Invergordon Archive

House of Rosskeen
The Invergordon Archive
House of Rosskeen

This picture was taken in 1952 at a fete held at the "House of Rosskeen". On the left are my sister and myself (I am sporting an early prototype Beatle haircut).
Picture added on 27 May 2009
The couple on the right of the photo at the top of the steps look like John Reid the painter and his wife.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 27 May 2009
This is the front of Kincraig House, not the House of Rosskeen, owned by the Mackenzie family, who annually held an Open Day at the house and gardens to raise funds for charity. The house is now known Kincraig House Hotel and is situated on the north side of the A9 between the Tomich and Achnagarron junctions.
The couple in the background are indeed Mr & Mrs John Reid who ran a painting and decorating business from premises beside their house "Cherrybank" on the High Street at Invergordon.
Added by Ronald Stewart on 28 May 2009
Hi Billy, this is Kincraig House, which is now Kincraig House Hotel.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 28 May 2009
Would that be Marlene Reid's parents?
Added by Inverg Lass on 01 June 2009
Yes, that was Marlene's parents, in fact the little girl at the top of the steps reminded me of Marlene but not sure if it would be or not..
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 02 June 2009
This picture is actually taken outside Kincriag House Hotel.
Added by Kevin Wickman on 13 June 2009
Of the five on the steps, the back left is Billy Geddes and front left is his sister whose name I think was Ann.
Added by Freda Ross on 31 August 2009
Kincraig House Hotel (in the picture) is now known as Kincraig Castle Hotel and is managed by Anne MacDonald.
Added by Kevin Wickman on 31 August 2009
My grandmother, Anna MacKenzie from Achnagarron used to work in this castle as a young girl prior to marrying and emmigrating to Canada.
Added by Larry McCracken on 24 September 2009
I would like to get more info on the MacKenzie family history and lineage from Achnagarron. My grandmother died at 97 yrs. when I was quite young. My mother Mary (nee MacKenzie) is the only child left of 3 daughters and is now 87 and can only relate a few stories she learned as a child. Grandmother told of different castles/estates she worked at as a chambermaid in the early 1900s, however I am at a loss to remember them.

Added by Larry McCracken on 24 September 2009
The Mackenzies I remember at Achnagarron were at Milnafua where there was a smithy and Mr. Mackenzie was the blacksmith there. This may or may not be your family.
Added by Freda Ross on 26 September 2009
Freda - yes, this is my family. Had the pleasure of visiting some of the remaining family in 2000. The blacksmith shop was still there but I'm not sure if it was still operating or not. Am not familiar with Milnafua, the existing structure seemed to house 2-3 families if I'm correct.
Added by Larry McCracken on 28 September 2009
I well remember visiting the smithy at Milnafua with my father, Angus Ross who farmed at Achnagarron - the smallholding around the Free Church. We passed the smithy where Mr. Mackenzie was at work on our way to the Rosskeen churchyard and then left along the shore road to Invergordon where we lived.
Added by Freda Ross on 28 September 2009
There was no smithy at Milnafua. The smithy is at Achnagarron - always has been there.
Added by John Morrison on 28 September 2009
I thought that John, Ag's as I always heard it called, the last cottage on the roadside below the Free Church, still there but not a working smiddy now I believe.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 29 September 2009
I stand corrected about Milnafua. You are correct about the smiddy being the last cottage beside the road below the Free Church.
Added by Freda Ross on 29 September 2009
Achnagarron Smiddy was rented by my great grandfather in 1874 and purchased just after the first world war and was a working smiddy up until ten or so years ago. Easter Ross had approx 33 smiddies from Edderton to Evanton working in the 1900s and this was the last to function.
Added by John Mackenzie on 02 October 2009
End of an era I suppose, the farriers seem to come with portable forges in their vans now to shoe horses and no call for a smiddy. We have a couple here in Midlothian, one renovated by a local trust and run as a working smiddy (see www.cousland.net/smiddytrust) - nice to see it being carried on.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 02 October 2009
Oh *!*!*!*!, Bill, thanks for putting this photo of me showing my knickers to all and sundry - I look like I've lost a pound and found a penny. I've never seen this photo ever, I don't even know who I'm sitting with but it could be Marlene Reid - she had lovely hair.
I'm very new to this internet stuff, my daughter Jodie bought this laptop for me in America when she came over on holiday at the end of August, so I'm very new at all this.
Added by Jeanette Bremner-Geddes on 11 October 2009
I thought that was your sister Audrey and you were the one in the middle Jeanette! I also thought it was Marlene at the top of the steps and she said she had to look twice herself but is sure it isn't her.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 14 October 2009
Hi folks, no that is definitely me at the end with the pants! Audrey is 13 years older than me and Bill is seven years older than me - no it's not Audrey, that could be Marlene at the top of the steps. I'll have to phone Bill to see if he could shed any light on this, it's enough to drive you crazy!
Added by Jeanette Bremner-Geddes on 14 October 2009
My God! Owning a computer seems to have gone to my sister’s head....she has adopted a double barrelled name! Doesn’t she know there is only room for one toff in our family? It will be Lady Jeanette next!
Added by Bill MacQuarrie-Geddes on 22 October 2009
I'm still none the wiser who else is in this photo of Bill and myself. Bill obviously has no idea either.
No, I haven't a clue.
Added by William Alastair MacQuarrie-Geddes on 23 October 2009
Haha, I spotted my Mum Jeanette right away and Uncle Bill. They obviously have delusions of grandeur...their names are becoming fancier by the minute!
Added by Baroness Samantha Geddes-Bremner on 14 November 2009
My Grandfather Allan Morrice was the blacksmith at Achnagarron for many years and I was a frequent visitor during the summer holidays along with my brother Keith. My Grandmother Ella Morrice, Allan's wife, now lives in Elgin.

Added by Iain Morrice on 22 August 2010
Hello Iain. I remember Allan and Ella Morrice very well and remember youngsters visiting in the summer which I guess would have been yourself and your brother. My dad was Charlie Mackay who lived in the cottage on the other side of AG's house. After he retired from Rosskeen farm he spent most of his day in the smiddy keeping Allan and AG right!!
Added by George Mackay on 24 August 2010
I wonder if Charlie Mackay was the Charlie that drove the Ferguson tractor at Rosskeen in the '50s? We didn't know his last name - he used to warm up our boots on the exhaust on frosty mornings when we picked the tatties.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 24 August 2010
That was him Harry. He was in Rosskeen all his working life and got a long service award for more than 50 years.
Added by George Mackay on 25 August 2010
Hi George, I remember Charlie very well and yourself. Keith and I used to play on the swing beside his house and look for eels in the burn at the end of his garden. I seem to remember the summers then were longer and warmer with less rain than we get now.

Added by Iain Morrice on 25 August 2010
Hi George, I thought so. Your dad was a very nice man, we all looked forward to seeing him on the farm, happy days.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 26 August 2010
George, I have been scratching my head over who the Gaffer was at Rosskeen farm. He was a big man, he used to sit outside Invergordon Academy on the High Street and sign us up for the tatties. Would you remember?
Added by Harry O'Neill on 06 September 2010
Harry, his name was Sandy Gibson and he was married to my Aunt Jean. They had 4 children. Margaret was a nursing sister and still lives in the area, Jean who also went into nursing, married John Cunningham and then moved to Wales. Gordon who has retired from police in Dundee and Alec, who also worked on the farm, but sadly passed away a few years ago. I know Gordon and my brother (Charles) have some good old photos of activities and people on Rosskeen farm and might get their scanners working if they see this!
Added by George Mackay on 06 September 2010
Thanks George, sounds good re the old photos.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 07 September 2010
Milnafua was a farm located by following the road along the right side of the church.
My grandmother Madge (Mackenzie) Tuach came from Achnagarron and was AG's aunt. Therefore I am interested to know the connection with Anna Mackenzie mentioned by Larry above.
Added by Diana (Tuach) Derrick on 03 August 2016
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