The Invergordon Archive


2019Henry Dunn And Robert Christie Dunn
2018Harry O'Neill and family
2017HMS Queen Elizabeth at Invergordon, Developments in Invergordon (1), Developments in Invergordon (2)
2016World War 1 Trail Leaflet, Donald James ' Sonny' Macleod
2015Macpuff, A Fifie, the Swan , House of Rosskeen - West entrance
2014Sedco 714 leaving Nigg, Bottle Tops
2012Alness Point from Fyrish, The view east from Fyrish, Invergordon and the Sutors from Fyrish
2011Redevelopment of Joss Street Site, Redevelopment of Joss Street Site, Polish War Memorial
2010Honeymoon Cottage , Castle Grounds, The Bourbon Orca
2009Cameron Maclennan, Firth Scene, The House of Rosskeen
2008500 tonne crane on barge working at Sedco 706, Sedco 704 at Invergordon Service Base, Borgholm Dolphin at Queens Dock - ...
2007Ben Wyvis, Invergordon and Ben Wyvis, The Windfarm at Beinn Tharsuinn on the Struie
2006Winter in Invergordon, Hospital Bell, Saltburn, looking east
2005Castle Grounds and avenue of Lime Trees, Invergordon Hospital, Invergordon Hospital
2004First Invergordon Mural, First Mural - day 2, Invergordon Mural - day 4
2003Sailing in the Cromarty Firth, Dinghy sailing in the Firth, Youth Training Dinghy off Invergordon
2002Invergordon Boat Club Dinghy Regatta - 2002, Nordica at Invergordon, Morning Scene at the Admiralty Pier
2001Highland Gathering, Highland Gathering, Invergordon Academy 1966 Class Reunion
2000The Polish War Memorial, Rosskeen old church, Invergordon War Memorial
1999Park School, Invergordon Raft Race, Unusual Sky over Saltburn
1998Two Likely Lads at the Highland Gathering, Smelter conveyor destruct works at Saltburn Jetty, Cruise Liner Norway
1997Park School, Highland Games (1997 or 1998), Park School - Primary 1
1996Prince Andrew opens Invergordon Sports Centre, Highland Gathering - 1996
1995Invergordon Lifeboat, Invergordon Raft Race, Invergordon Raft Race
1994Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy
1993Ronnie Elder, Unveiling of the sculpture at the Port Authority, Royal Marine Brass Band
1992Park School, Aerial view of Invergordon, Hockey Champs
1991Park School, Main Cast of 'A Town At War', 'A Town At War' - the whole cast
1990Polish War Memorial, Highland Gathering, Frews Staff Photo
1989Invergordon Standard Science Class - 1989, Invergordon Academy Standard Science Class, Saltburn Road, Invergordon
1988Ness Cottage, Ness Cottage
1987Invergordon Academy Science (Biology) Class, The Queen in Invergordon High Street, Invergordon Academy Science Class 198...
1986Park School - Primary 7 - Year 1986, Ness Cottage, September 1986 before demolition, Ness Cottage, September 1986 before...
1985Invergordon and the Cromarty Firth from the air, Invergordon Red Cross, Bowling Club
1984Park School - class P1, Bissets Hotel, The Clark's "on the end"
1983Invergordon Highland Gathering, Doctor Who, MacGregors supermarket
1982Admirality Pier and Invergordon to the West, Sea Cadets, Diamond Wedding Anniversary
1981Smelter Football Team, Reading about the planned closure of the Smelter
1980Aerial view of Invergordon looking North, Aerial view of Invergordon looking East, Saltburn Road, Invergordon
1979John D. Burgess, Invergordon Boxing Club, Family Group
1978Eastern end of Invergordon from the air, Aerial view of Invergordon looking North, Aerial view of Invergordon
1977Invergordon Academy Under 15 football team, MacDonald Family
1976Local Face, Invergordon Girl Guides, Kestrel
1975Aerial view of Invergordon, Invergordon Academy Senior Staff Retirement Dinner, Invergordon Smelter
1974Queen's Visit, South Lodge Primary, “Eilidh”
1973The Royal Hotel, Invergordon Ladies Senior Choir, Alistair McLellan with Heather Booth and daughter
1972Sandy McLellan and his wife Nellie, Hector Ross, Saltburn Pier and the Smelter
1971Jimmy Grant, Frew's Garage staff dinner-dance, Frew's Garage staff dinner-dance
1970Invergordon High Street, Invergordon Academy, West Harbour
1969The tug MT Kent, Castle Road, Invergordon, Invergordon Station, looking west
1968Invergordon Primary 7 Exhibition, Flowering cherries at Invergordon Hospital, Retirement at the Hospital
1967Church of Scotland, High Street, Invergordon, Birthday Party
1966Invergordon Academy - Primary 7, 1966., Invergordon Academy Primary 7 - 1966, Invergordon Distillery Sports Day
1965Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy - Primary 7, 1965, W. M. Munro Business Dinner
1964Athletic Group, Highland Games - 1964, Athletics Team
1963Invergordon Academy Senior Football Team 1963-4, The Jetblacks, Fay and Friends - 1960s
1962Fund Raising, Invergordon Academy Primary 1 1962/3, High Street, Invergordon
1961Group at the Naval Canteen, Willie Mackay, Passing-out Parade
1960Invergordon Station, Invergordon High Street, Invergordon Academy
1959Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy Class - 1959/60, Invergordon SWRI
1958Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy - Primary 7, 1958, Invergordon Academy
1957King Edward Fountain, Invergordon Academy, Dan MacDonald, family and friends
1956Old Invergordon, Invergordon Red Cross, Local Invergordon Youths
1955Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy - Primary 6, 1955, Views of Invergordon
1954Invergordon Academy Primary 7 1954, Girls Club - Invergordon, Invergordon Academy Primary 1 1954/5
1953Invergordon Harbour, Invergordon Academy Primary 6, 1953, Invergordon Academy
1952Highland Gathering, Highland Gathering 1952., Highland Gathering 1952.
1951High Street, Invergordon, Family Picture, Jimmy Borthwick
1950Invergordon Scouts, Scout group., Bathing Pool and Sutors of Cromarty, Invergordon
1949Davy Ross, Ladies at Invergordon, Invergordon Primary 4
1948Castle Road and Fountain, Invergordon, Willie's First Ambulance, Willie Ledingham
1947Youth Panel Sports 1947, Invergordon Academy, County Youth Sports at Dingwall
1946Invergordon Academy, The Polish War Memorial, High Street, Invergordon, Looking East
1945Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Tennis Club, The Polish Camp
1944Lt. John Reid Gibson Ross MC, Rosskeen old church, Three Innocents
1943Wartime wedding, Invergordon Wrens, Angus MacKenzie - RAF
1942Invergordon Wrens, Invergordon Football during the War, Invergordon Air Raid Wardens
1941Invergordon Air Raid Wardens, Invergordon Air Raid Wardens, War time event
1940Invergordon Man gets Military Medal, John Cross with his military medal, Wartime wedding
1939Seaforth Highlanders, Seaforth Highlanders, Any ideas?
1938Invergordon Football Team, John Cross MC with Reid Ross MM, Invergordon Academy
1937Invergordon British Legion, Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy
1936Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Cubs Football Team, 1936, Academy Primary Class of 1936/7
1935Demolished Fountain at the Cross Roads, Saltburn Road, Invergordon, Silver Jubilee Celebrations, May 1935
1934Bathing Poll, Invergordon, HMS Nelson at Invergordon in 1934., Invergordon Academy School Sports - Boys
1933Invergordon Bowling Club, Saltburn Road and Promenade, Invergordon, Military Camp
1932Invergordon Brownies, District Nurse, Invergordon Wolf Cub Pack
1931Ack and Cath Maclennan with first son Cameron
1930High Street, Invergordon, Taylors Garage, Invergordon Butcher's shop
1928Invergordon Castle, An early aerial view of Invergordon, Invergordon Castle
1927The Andrews family , Novar Airfield, Groundcrew at Novar Airfield
1925Invergordon High Street, High Street, Invergordon, East High Street, Invergordon
1924Flying Boat at Invergordon, HMS Repulse, RAF and RN groundcrew in front of a Walrus aircraft
1923Invergordon Academy, Engagement of Catherine MacLennan and James Askew, Wedding of Catherine MacLennan and James Askew
1922Invergordon Football between the Wars, McKay family photo
1921Wedding Day, Catherine Urquhart
1920'The Pierrots' , 'The Pierrots', Scout Camp, Scotsburn
1919Girl Guides, Invergordon Harbour, Invergordon Harbour
1918First World War, Submarine in the High Street, Coppersmiths - Invergordon 1918
1917Leisure time during the First World War, James 'Lawrie' Lawrence Urquhart, Invergordon Harbour
1916The upturned hull of HMS Natal - c1916 , United Free Church, United Free Church
1915High Street, Invergordon, Old Invergordon, Evening at Invergordon Harbour
1914Sgt. William Mckintosh, Pte. Innes Mackintosh, D.F. MacKintosh
1913Invergordon High Street, Invergordon High Street, Invergordon Castle
1912Naval Funeral, Invergordon looking South-East, Thomas Macgregor
1911Invergordon Academy, Invergordon Academy, SS Earnholm
1910HMS Natal, Invergordon High Street, HMS Natal
1909Invergordon Academy, High Street, Invergordon, Top of High Street, Invergordon
1908Invergordon Academy Staff, 1908., The Fleet at Rest on the Cromarty Firth, Invergordon from the Harbour
1907An Edwardian Wedding, Kincraig House
1906Invergordon High Street, The Fountain, Naval Review
1905Invergordon High Street, Invergordon High Street, High Street, Invergordon
1904Invergordon High Street, Invergordon High Street, Invergordon Bowling Club
1903George Mitchell and Family in about 1902, Great Grandparents, Saltburn West End
1902Invergordon High Street, King Edward VII in Invergordon, Ardross Fire Brigade
1901Loch Fyne Skiff
1900British Legion Pipe Band, Church of Scotland, Invergordon Castle
1898Henry and Anne Dunn, Henry Dunn and family
1895Mary Weir and Nurse McKay
1892Great aunt Georgina Munro and her husband Peter Munro
1890Invergordon Academy, Section of High Street, Invergordon, looking West, Rosskeen Parish Church, Invergordon
1889Ann Dunn (nee Grant)
1886Annie Munro
1875Invergordon from the Cromarty Firth
1874Invergordon Castle
1870Invergordon Post Office
1860John Hossack
1850Local Family, Local Inventor
1800Invergordon Bowling Club, Invergordon High Street
1750Old Invergordon

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