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Fay and Angus MacKenzie's Wedding Day (24/10/1964)
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Fay and Angus MacKenzie's Wedding Day (24/10/1964)

Taken at the Royal Hotel, Invergordon. Sadly Mum and my stepfather, Angus are no longer with us, so I will need help namimg everyone here? I will try my best!
Left to Right (as in - 'all one' row): Mr and Mrs Paddy Scourfield; Mary Ledingham; ?; my sister, Shirley Maureen Booth; Bill Chapman, Alec Urquhart, Kenny Mackenzie; my stepfather, Angus Mackenzie, Simon Clark, my mum, Fay Mackenzie; George Sutherland ?, Isabel Urquhart, Minister - Alan Shearer; Cath Chapman; Violet Sutherland; ?; Jean Clark.
The little girl is the daughter of Mr & Mrs Sutherland.
Picture added on 17 January 2007
I think the lady third from the left of the picture at the back is Frances Borley.
Added by Graham Mackenzie on 17 January 2007
Is the little girl Jacqueline (Jacqui) Sutherland?
Anonymous comment added on 18 January 2007
Although it has been more than 50 years, instantly recognise Paddy. Also George Sutherland - think his nickname was "Pico". Thanks Heather, very nice picture...
Added by Harry on 18 January 2007
Graham, I think you are probably right. Angus worked in Gilbert Ross's at the time, when Mr Borley was there.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 18 January 2007
Harry, thank you - I thought it would bring back nice memories for so many people. This is what this site is all about - I think it's great.
Yes - 'Jackie', I'm sure that's what the little girl's name was and her dad's nickname 'Pico'! It all comes 'back to you' when you see all the familiar names!
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 18 January 2007
Pico was so tragically killed in an accident at work. Along with two of his brothers Alex and Billie (Aggie) I remember him playing right-wing at football for Inverg.
Added by Rod Bell on 18 January 2007
Yes Rod, I was very saddened indeed to hear about Pico, another natural as a footballer, and just an all-round nice person. I was privileged to have known him.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 18 January 2007
I was so sorry to hear that 'Pico' was tragically killed.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 19 January 2007
Heather, you seem to have a wonderful store of photos which is lovely to see. I recognised George Sutherland straightaway (Pico). So sad to hear of his death. He was so young. I also knew his wife, Violet.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 30 January 2007
Rosalie - thanks for your kind comment. I only discovered this site a few weeks ago and have had much pleasure looking at so many of the contributions. Sadly, Angus died 10 years ago and Mum a year ago. I felt I owed it to them to share the many pictures they had of themsleves and their family and friends in Invergordon. They would have been 'tickled pink' that I have put so many of their old pictures (and many of my own)on, to share and give enjoyment to others. Yes - it was very tragic re Pico. I am glad this picture brought back fond memories of him to so many others. What a great site this is.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 31 January 2007
Heather, your photos brought back so many memories. Sorry to hear of your Mum's death and Angus's. I don't think I knew your Mum but I knew Angus well. He was such a good man and well respected by everyone who knew him.
Added by Rosalie Graham now Samaroo on 02 February 2007
Rosalie - thank you. Your words have been echoed by all who knew Angus. I was proud to call him my stepfather for over 30 years.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 02 February 2007
Mrs Borlay next to Mary Led; Mary Sutherland next to Cath Chapman.
Added by Mary Bell (Ledingham) on 07 February 2007
I am Marsden Scourfield, the nephew of Leslie Scourfield, who appears to have been called Paddy in Scotland. Can any one tell me how Leslie ended up in Invergordon and - why was he not called Taffy - why Paddy?
Added by Marsden Scourfield on 29 July 2007
I first met Paddy through my father, Captain Booth, when I was 10. At that time, I too wondered why a Welshman was called Paddy! No-one was able to tell me - except that "he had always been known as 'Paddy'! It probably started off as a joke and stuck - however, perhaps someone else can throw a light on the subject, and also be able to tell you how Paddy ended up in Invergordon? Can I just say what a lovely lovely man he was - always smiling.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 30 July 2007
Marsden, often wondered that myself as Taffy or Taff seemed more appropriate. I do not know why he ended up in Invergordon, but he worked on the Harbour Masters launch. Did he have a naval background? anyway he is mentioned several times on this site, particularly under Pilot Boat.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 30 July 2007
In 1958/59 HMS Saintes, a RN Destroyer, visited Invergordon. The whole ships company were made to feel so welcome. A dance was held in town I was lucky enough to get talking to and dancing with a very pretty and charming young lady. Her name was Isabel Urquhart. We were both about 17/18 at the time. At the end of the evening I asked if I might walk her home. Little did know what a task that would be, especially in the pitch black on the way back. It must have been midnight or one o'clock in the morning. I was introduced to Mother and Father Urquhart. Dad offered me a glass of whiskey and Mum gave me a cake that she had just baked. We chatted and spent a wonderful hour, I then stumbled off in full uniform to join my ship, An experience and name I have never forgotten. I am now 78, with four kids, 12 grandchildren and 3 G/grandchildren.
Does anyone know the Isabel of that evening, If so please give her my regards and thanks..
Added by Anthony (Tony) Marsh on 13 April 2019
Jump to search "Taffy was a Welshman" Nursery rhyme Published c. 1780 Songwriter(s) Unknown

"Taffy was a Welshman" is an English language nursery rhyme which was popular between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 19237. - from Wikipedia. We lived next door to Paddy and Nina for a while. They were both lovely people. I think that Nina was from Invergordon, so that would be a reason that he stayed. Paddy had a sort of market garden.
Added by David Burgess on 25 April 2019
My name is Sandra Lyall and I was best friends with Isobel Urquhart since we were 18. She married in 1964 and went to live in Joppa, Edinburgh and had 4 children and 8grandchildren. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding. She died in Edinburgh in 2015.
How on earth did you manage to find your way back in the dark?!
Added by Sandra Lyall on 04 May 2019
Thank you so much Sandra for your reply. I was surprised by the feeling of deep sadness when you said that Isobel had passed away. When you consider how brief was our meeting. the whole evening ( and morning ) was memorable by virtue of the long haul to her home and the route back, How did I manage? By picking up much foliage and detritus and scuffed shoes looking a bit dishevelled. Never the less, very worthwhile. Much fortified of course, by a very healthy slug of whiskey and Mums cake. I remember the simplicity of their home, I don't think there was electricity. but, the friendliness was all embracing. Isobels father asked me where I was from, I said London, then he asked me if I had ever seen the Queen, I remarked 'only in passing', but I told him that if you happened to be walking up Whitehall or across Horseguards Parade, you often met Prime ministers or ministers of state coming the other way, walking to Parliament or from the Palace,(How times have changed). he was delighted with this conversation. I hope Isobel a happy life and wish her family well. Thank you very much for this conversation Sandra, I wish you all health and happiness
Added by Anthony Marsh on 09 May 2019
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