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Invergordon Academy Class - 1959/60
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Invergordon Academy Class - 1959/60

David Smith (Skelly): This is a school photo taken around 1959/60 - I'm not sure of the exact date. I've tried to put names to the faces - apologies to those who's names/faces I've forgotten, got wrong or misspelt.
Back row (left to right): Norman Murray, George Aburrow, John Urquhart, Bobby McCaig, David Smith, Graham Mitchell, David Hermitage, Stanley Keith;
Middle row: Susan Urquhart, Carol Beavis, Elena Maliki, David Bremner, -?- , Gordon Brown, Linda Mackay, Fiona Ferguson, Catherine Moir, James Ross;
Front row: Uisdean Duff, Norman Kemp, Jeanette Geddes, Irene Hendry, Henderson, Vanda Zawinski, Marlene Reid, Lindy Taylor, Judith Mackenzie, -?-, Barbara Henderson, Pamela Bryson, Hector McRae.
Picture added on 23 April 2005
Middle row: it is Elizabeth Urquhart who is my cousin.
Added by John Urquhart on 23 April 2005
Front row, 4th from right, I think, is Shirley Gunn.
Added by Jeanette Bremner (Geddes) on 24 April 2005
Hi, please tell me if you can, is that the same George Aburrow who lived in Alness and ran a Scaffolding Co. in Alness? - he was born October 1949 - I really would like to know. Thank you so much, I hope you can help.
Added by Florence on 29 March 2006
It was nice to see a picture of Norman Murray. He was in my class at school - Mrs Wilson's, Pr 7, and on the day of the Qualifying we got out of school early. He spoke to me and my friend about 'how he found the test' that day. That was the last time we saw him. He died that day due to an accident on his bike. I have never forgotten him.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 18 January 2007
Norman Murray was my uncle. Although I have never met him it's nice to see a picture.
Added by Stuart Murray on 11 November 2008
Is Uisdean Duff (front row, far left) the son of Mrs Duff who was the P2/P3 teacher in 1964? I'm sure that he used to come into our P2/P3 class to sit up the back and do extra work.
Added by Kmmc55 on 14 November 2008
You are correct Kmmc55, Uisdean is the son of Mrs Duff, P2 teacher when I was in Invergordon Primary. Not sure where he is now but I recall that he taught History for a while in Tain and subsequently went on a Librarian course. I am pictured middle row fourth from left alongside the 'unknown' pupil. I'm afraid I too cannot recall his name. I also remember the sad afternoon when Norman was killed. It was the first funeral which I attended and often think back to the time when an unfortunate set of circumstances and bad timing led to the accident at the bottom of Albany Road. The notice in the Ross-shire each year in March brings it back.
The un-named girl on the front row I can confirm is Shirley Gunn. Well done to David Smith for managing to name so many. I don't think I would have managed!!
Added by David Bremner on 15 November 2008
Yes Kenny, he is Mrs Duffs son. When we were in P2, Uisdean used to come in for his milk at break time. I remember he did the classics - Latin and Greek - when we were in 1st year and he was a senior.
Added by Liz Adam nee Askew on 15 November 2008
Seeing the picture and reading the comments brought back many memories, particularly of Norman Murray's tragic death, on the day the "Qually" finished. Two of the others, Barbara Henderson and Hector Macrae are also now dead. I think the boy between David Bremner and Gordon Brown was called Kenneth Walker; he was only in the school for two or three years. I am amazed that anybody (apart from D.B., who was a classmate, and later a teaching colleague in Tain) still remembers me! I have worked for many years as librarian at a school in Paisley, and live in Linwood, where the Hillman Imp used to be made.
Added by Huisdean Duff on 21 February 2009
Huisdean - I was not one of your classmates as you are a few years older than me, but I am pretty sure that you lived just around the corner from me in the Distillery Cottages, way back in the '60s.
Added by Kmmc55 on 23 February 2009
Yes, I grew up in what are now called the Distillery Cottages, as did David Bremner; but the cottages were there long before the distillery! When I was a boy, older people still called them the Admiralty Cottages. It was, I believe, by a heavy lorry, carrying building materials up to the distillery that Norman Murray was killed, that day in March 1961.
Added by Huisdean Duff on 26 February 2009
Re George Aburrow: the Aburrow family lived opposite the Royal British Legion (Scotland) at the top end of High Street. His brother was Steven and his father Ted ran the Invergordon to Balblair ferry for as long as I can remember. I left in 1959.
Added by Joe MacDonald on 01 March 2009
Hi Joe, prior to that the Aburrows - Ted, Frankie, Charlie - lived on Ferry Row, next door to the Beaumons.
Added by Harry O'Neill on 02 March 2009
Re George Aburrow, George moved to Alness approx 1970 and was still around there until he died two years ago. He has two sons Trevor and Nicholas, and several grandchildren.
Added by Liz Adam nee Askew on 03 March 2009
I believe this photograph is of an Invergordon Primary Class rather than secondary. Most of those photographed were in my year or class (1A) in the Academy, when I moved from Logie Easter Primary in August 1961. In my class until I left at the end of 3rd year, in 1964, were: Carol Beavis, Fiona Ferguson, Linda McKay, Elena Maliki, Judith Mackenzie, Lindy Taylor, Marlene Reid, Vanda Zawinski, Pamela Bryson, Catherine Moir, David Smith, David Bremner and Uisdean Duff. Where are they all now and what are they doing, I wonder?
Added by John Fraser on 06 March 2009
Huisdean - I see from your comment of 21/02/09 that you are surprised that "any one remembers you". Although you probably don't remember me, I remember you very well - particularly as one of the brightest boys in the class! I now live in Cupar, Fife - not far from my home town of Dunfermline, which is where I was born and brought up until I first joined your Pr 7 class, taught by Mrs Wilson, in 1960. It was good to hear you are well.
Added by Heather Anderson (nee Booth) on 20 April 2009
I recall that day when Norman Murray died, I'm glad that others do too. I sat beside Norman and on that dreadful morning the seat beside me was empty and Mrs Wilson looking ashen faced asked me if I would like someone to sit beside me, the very brave Bobby McCaig put his hand up. I will never forget Norman he was a gentle boy, being older and NOT that wiser it must have been devastating for his mam, dad and younger brother.
Added by Jeanette Geddes-Bremner on 04 October 2009
Good to see your name Jeanette, my step father Bob Sullivan was reminiscing about Taylor Woodrow and the names he remembered and he mentioned yours and asked after you.
Added by Liz Taylor nee Askew on 08 October 2009
Hi Liz, how nice of Bob to ask after me, Yes Taylor Woodrow, that brings back lots of memories - good ones too. I thought Taylor Woodrow were a great Company to work for. I had the privilege of working with a great bunch of people, my husband worked for them as a steel erector of coarse. We did a bunk (my poor parents were devastated) but 39 years and we are still together. You can tell Bob we had three daughters - Samantha at Uni doing Law degree, two lovely grandchildren, April and Frankie (named after my husband), Lauri - she's a midwife and has our other grandchild Luke, and then there's Jodie married to USA Navel Officer Ray. Jodie was a biological Scientist, now she's doing her masters degree on teaching Chemistry & Biology. They live in Hawaii, so you can guess where we go on holiday. We now live in a wee village in Perthshire after living in Dundee for 33 years. Well I’m 60 now, unfortunately my brain is stuck at 19 - I went to a Coldplay concert two weeks ago, I think I was the oldest muppet there. Well that’s a wee bit of news for Bob - I hope he's keeping well and give him my kindest regards.
Added by Jeanette Bremner (Geddes) on 10 October 2009
Good to see this picture, Barbara Henderson was my cousin.
Added by Liz Mowat on 15 September 2012
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